Riding Haya busa😱😱itni tez hai ye😱😱 || ft. JS FILMS

A big thanks to Js Films For Promotion and give his bike for Ride

When I go to the doctor 2:36-2:57 Is what happened to me also "does this guy know what a girl is?" xD fuckin' got me.

Winder Slyce 2

Im gonna write a comment! (Wild Wasteland Required) Okayyyyy... Im gonna sit down and think to solve this... (Wild Wasteland Required) Really? Im gonna go get a snack! (Wild Wasteland Required) Are you kidding me? Im gonna go tell obsidian that- (Wild Wasteland Required) REALLY?!

Janet Marquez

Every bar was filled beautifully!


did he died?


Dan every time you make it

Tomas Nicol

This is heart warming

Mohammed Salama

Who is watching in May 2016

Rman Nayr

Congratulations on 40 Million Subscribers!

Moses show printable

Jesus 2020 is the date this is coming out

1 dislike comment = inf. loosing hair for the girl that told the story.

Barney with sunglasses

The real challenge is getting the secret strike on Wii sports where the ball rolls along the gutter guards and hits the red button


Those things in Serious Sam still freak me the hell out

Lolbit Is back!

What ya didn’t know wow wow wow

Aman Narwal

6:42 best scene

Caolan Brown

I'm not American

Ashlyn Buerk

I wanna see Emma become the Dolan Twinsss LIKE THE VID GUYS



Is that Thatcher or sledge because they have the same pistol

Chatroom Goon

stop slut shaming bond

Jack Oravec

I love all of you!! You guys are awesome!!