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Für ein Wochenende nach Amsterdam reisen? Kein Problem.Wir geben Reisetipps für Hollands Metropole. Wir führen euch durch Europa.Sonnencreme nicht vergessen: die nächste Reise/Banküberfall: packen und los gehts: Reisefieber jetzt auch bei facebookLust auf andere Trips durch Europa? ist der Kanal für alle die es in die Ferne zieht. Ob Urlaub unter Palmen, Abenteuer oder Erholung - wir haben für jeden Geschmack etwas. Hier informieren wir Euch über die attraktivsten Reiseziele aller Kontinente, geben Euch wertvolle Reisetipps und informieren Euch über wertvolle Reisegadgets.► Impressum:

She cuts every connection of help or highlightning of her problems. Luckily, this issues have been of less nowadays. But it still is a problem.

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Were all these first trys?

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Unfortunately, this dated informative does not include the contemporary science linking poor gut health, dysbiosis and diet to vagal response and anxiety. The science is very sound.

It’s Dexter Time


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Now you see me.

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The replay man is Cody

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Go panda!!!!!

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Man you give the best talks ever! I really do learn a lot from all your talks dude! Thanks for posting these many videos! Keep up the good work!

0,1%: what a beautiful story!


I know one of these games i just forgot the names

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The father is such a pathetic liar! Mexico had remained neutral throughout the Vietnam war, and hence he couldn't be drafted to fight there. Surely no sane person would leave their kids to the mercy of an alcoholic only to cross over to the States to get shipped to one of the most hostile environments in the world. Most accurate scenario is that some hooker dropped the dad's nuts in coffee to murder him 😂🤣😂🤣

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I like the ramen that howtobasic made. But still looks good.

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The trim tho

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Is not about the console, it’s about the games

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It's hard to lose someone you dearly love and more when you less expected it. It happened to me I remember that horrible night where I went to bed early because I wasn't feeling good not in the sick kinda way but like something was telling me that something may happen and it did. A round 11 pm my little brother open my door room telling me that our uncle was killed and then soon after one of my oldest brother pull him out of the room. I was left in teary and confused thinking that I may have hear him wrong, then my oldest brother came into my bed and hug me and say sorry. I burst into tears and I couldn't go back to sleep that night. Time after his funeral I notice my little brother weird, he stop talking to me and spending more time outside the house and for some reason we grow apart from each other. I asked my mom what happened and she told me that he was blaming himself for our uncles death. And I asked why if it was an accident?, how that have something to do with him? But that is when my mom told me that the van that run him over was stolen and the people driving it were looking for someone (that wasn't my uncle), and that he start blaming him because a few weeks before he got in trouble with some guy because some motorbike. After this happened my little brother start getting into lots of troubles even spend one night at the police station my parents have to take him were ever they go because they were so afraid of him getting arrested or worst dead. They took him to see a doctor and everything but him only got worst after I got pregnant with my first child as my husband then boyfriend where living at my parents my little brother got so abusive to me that even cursed my unborn child. This happened almost 15 years ago but my little brother never went back to be how he was before everything happened. I still miss my uncle dearly as he treated me as the daughter that he had but couldn't raise as her mother took her away from him. And for my brother what can I said, we speak from time to time but is not the same as when we where children.

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you can tell he's getting low on Easter eggs cause he killed the first Bunny with a shotgun, the rest with smgs 😛

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I was born with my umbilical cord around my neck

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3:15 no way😂😂

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i stood up to my bully

Kid Warrior


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not supporting the gay community isn't homophobia.


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Ware is Getty



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Im fat but cute no matter what,i proud of myself 💕🥰


you guys are so lucky i wish i could meet zeke

Fades away

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Like if you’re excited for the next part ❤️

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Wow but why is crotch []

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Those 3D models were so cool

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