REAL Teaser: It’s a Mom and Me Fashion Show!

This Thursday, we’re keeping it all in the family. Logan, Aden and Ariah are walking “The Real” runway! Check out Tamar and Logan’s Mom and Me Couture style in this clip! Don’t miss the show tomorrow to catch all three in-demand models walking the catwalk.

Happy The Conquer

I love the nice peter and your epiclloyd verse


Relámpago Verde

Fuck, Right Now I understand why there were Pokemons in Animal Crossing...

Candace Ball

The foster home dad was so gross

me: don´t worry ethan will

I'm 13 years old and I suffer with panic attacks, I know how horrific it is. I am so happy you were able to receive support in the end, I still have a long way to go however this motivates me a lot no matter how tough it has been for me. I'm thankful you were able to find Friends because for me, they have got me through the roughest points. There is a lot of evil in this world but there is some damn fucking good people out there like therapists who understand, I've been receiving help from school with my diagnosis and they are doing amazing.

Willow Casey

Oh gosh

Dinand Brent Buikema

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Nintendo es mejor hijos de su puta madre.

Ben Whoran

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Jake Davidson

Don't think I didn't see that 'gurukid groceries'

Chimble, Master of Chimney

Note: the thing labeled Kamikaze didn't have a head because the Kamikaze enemies from Serious Sam didn't have heads... they were headless zombies carrying grenades that would run after you.

Nadia Mouawad

That robot 🤖 kinda looks like Anwar


Who is the guy next to Ty in the blue?

Abigail Oneill

Thank You


Wafflekid08 Beats


Ray Cusack

watching in 2018.

Gabriel D


Li ThePear

Kim? How did you get him lol

21 Me when I watch the actual vid:starts crying unstoppably

nba youngboy