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Amee Liffy

And sick

Jhon wick

now i know

colin goguen


Poppin' shit but only 'cause you know you're poppin', yeah

Gabriel Tejada

Watching Bro Mo is so satisfiying.

Brandon Rossiter

I had a hunch something like that would happen, but I still laughed. 6:10

Isaac McConnell

Amazing keep it up 😀

0:26 song name?

LogicMuch 2.0

Im sorry but.. if you went illegally.. really you can blame the u.s.a for trying to be safe... but I do dislike the fact that they took you out when you were already in the usa they should have stopped you before u made it. Im sorry about the situation but you can just walk up into a country and say im gonna escape that might be the case but u never know its like hitchhiking the driver or the hitchhiker doesnt know if the person is 100% legit ya know? Sorry if this gets anybody mad my parents are legal immigrants who came to america this isnt hating at all.

Iyelitzyn Sanchez

I love lurella lashes in the style desire they are so cute!!!


Panda is the best

Can Şahin

Who was go to frozen 2013?


Potato Aaron

Lucky boys

I just made the world's biggest Ring Pop Candy!


Love the music at 4:55!

Video_Game_ Kid

That was the funniest video ever!!!

Ya Boy Punk Fan

5:56 Sefton Hill's back.


They mad over some people laying in flowers. Y'all soft


No Cory or Coby?

Kenneth Petovic




Nyoman Musda



I am mr excuses

Endymion YT

This is how many times he said “definitely”👇🏽

Ozzie Ozkay-Villa


Colin Cheung

sorry to be a hater there. nice video boys

Lucy’s Life

This is me. I’m glad you shared this so I can stand up for myself and be more careful with who I trust.

Yma Htebazile

My only one that remembers Tati getting really upset about a good friend reviewing a competitor’s product? The gloss….... hmmmmmm, Maybe just no longer a good friend? Strange.

you should have put ths in your video, it is really cool

Jasmine Valdez

I have both girl and a boy and let me just say usually a big head signifies boy


Still no Israeli operators :(

Another dude

I honestly don't understand why they want them to do this in Russia. I mean, USA isn't even in the world cup. Did they forget that?

Born in Winter

I love FF8<3 Finally this game is getting the attention that it deserves!


I can barely ice skate

Gareth Williams

Not sure the difference is significant enough to warrant another purchase if you have FFVIII on Steam already.


This video is so fake. I've hunted basketballs for over 25 years, an never have I seen a culmination of basketballs like this, especially in a pyramid. A friend of mine once said he discovered 12 wild basketballs while hunting once, but it turns out he was lying! Those basketballs were either fake or already dead. These guys don't know how to hunt basketballs, smh.

Nolan Dragolovich

he should be on the bears


2:19 usps be like

Me try I bitch I will stab you my knifu will end your lifeu




but for the crosshairs between max payne 3 and gta 5 you can change the crosshair in gta 5 

Gnostic Owl

Oh yeah yeah!!

Hi my name is nope !!!

Y’all have grown so much

Laurel Aird

Her:don't tell anyone

nick gentile

You know I always forget games i play actually have Easter eggs and whenever I find out what they are it really blows my mind that the devs did that

noop spurdola

hey could you do an episode of some serious sam game/games

Chette Boardman

how is this possible for anyone?

Grant Edwards

Bill Hadar would be an amazing episode