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Raja Full Length Telugu MovieWatch More Latest Movies Subscribe @Raja,Cast: Venkatesh, Soundarya, Abbas, Sudhakar, Brahmanandam, Chandra Mohan,Director: Muppalaneni Shiva,Music: S. A. Rajkumar,Producer: R. B. Choudary,Release Date(s): 18 March 1999.Songs:Edo Oka RaagamKannula LogililoKavvinchake O PremaMallela VaanaPallavinchu Toli RaagameShepu Choosi MokkuStory:Raja (Venkatesh) and his friend (Sudhakar) are petty thieves. One day they escape from the police after they steal an idol of Lord Ganesha. They hide in Soundarya’s house and his life changes after meeting Soundarya.There he learns about the conflicts in Soundarya's life. Now he decides to help her and likes to bring her to highest position. The rest of the story is about How Raja succeeding in his job and eventually how he wins her heart?


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