Raghuvaran B.Tech Telugu Full Movie | Telugu Movie | Dhanush, Amala Paul, Saranya Ponvannan

Punchline: fun and passionGenre: Youth/FamilyType: Telugu Dubbing (Velai Illa Pattathari'(VIP) Tamil movie)Banners: Sri Sravanthi MoviesCast: Dhanush, Amala Paul, Saranya Ponvannan, Samuthirakani, Surabhi, Amitesh & Vivek etcEditor: M. V. Rajesh KumarMusic: AnirudhDialogues: Kishore TirumalaLyrics: Ramajogayya SastryCinematography, Story, Screenplay & Direction: R. VelrajProducer: Sravanthi Ravi KishoreRelease date: 01 January, 2015


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Giulia M

All this feelings, but... you know you are a miracle. Surviving falling from 14000 feet IS a miracle.

Joshua Michel

Why would anybody dislike this? okay maybe if they hate America.


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Delaney Drinkwater

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aidan Wesner

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tyty561 gaming

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Did they remaster the CGI too? It looked clear but I’m viewing on a phone .

Starry Smile

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Delaney Drinkwater

Watched this before I went fishing with my dad and caught a catfish.

Nazmun Bhuiyan

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Hannah Heaton

I honestly wanted to cry watching this...



Meredith Browand

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Junior Ornithologist

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I am thy hooman

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Francheska C

7:17 looks like David Dobrik lowkey 😂😂


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Animal ProDuctions

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Pea_nutButter Jelly

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Annoying Guy

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