Racer X Films: Dialed In: 2019 Kawasaki KX450

For 2019, Kawasaki has released an all-new KX450. More powerful, featuring an electric start, and a hydraulic clutch, Kawasaki has stepped up their game. David Pingree is here to help you get the 2019 dialed in.


If there are any, can you please make a Easter egg vid about the Batman Arkham games?

Zaynab Abdulmatin

I was listening to Ethan when nobody else would. I’m that type of friend 😂😂

Kathleen DC

If i told my mom I'm depressed she will just say Don't forget to pray.

(STUDENT)Jesse Martinez

I like the baseball part


Love you guru ;) Stay cool, and keep amazing work ;)

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LaTia Gaymon

I was very emotional when I first heard this song still is seeing the video and thinking about The King

Noah Schneider

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Same dude, but if I was the tiger, I will maul him but I won't eat him, because the song's nasty~

ɪsʜ_ ʀ0ɪs3

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aldren 313

lol this is pretty trash compared to the original black mirror


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Me: How the hell did I know? I haven't seen a Firewatch video in forever.

Hdjdhfh Hdhfhfhx

Can’t coby just win


I realise this was one of your first videos, and it was so long ago that you actually made it. but jebus fuck, you grenade jumped up a bunch of rocks when you could clearly normally get up there by jumpin on marcus's weapon shop's roof.

Vladislavs Dovgalecs

Pretty lame


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jesus barragan

Fuck you guys and if you watch the other videos you'll see

Mao vs Cecil Rhodes (anti-imperalist vs imperalist)

•Jeon Cena•

I was born 3 and a 1/2 months early

Carlos Aguero

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Guru's Fans regrouping here ->

captain nutjob

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Emma Staub

4:51-4:53 HE’S 6’6”

American girl Hollis

I am also a chaos opener

Norbert Racs

I have played Mirror's edge 3

Logan Riddle

Travisvs Antonio brown