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Talon Brannon

Travis Pastrana

Malia Anne

My closest friend’s untreated BPD has destroyed me. I can’t be around her anymore.

Rad Drumm

Round one im so fancy

Florencia Salazar

#2 tendencia Chile vamos por el #1 tendencia

Jack Hansen

great job!

Welica Moraes

I am


did you see what kevin talbot did?

chris kehrer

That's me


warriors about to lay the gauntlet at oakland on thursday...

Willa Risgin

the end music sounded like reused tribal singing from Pocahantas

Chris Of the Viper

Plz don't hate if he already said this, but what country are you from?

Kari Ala

I think that because you were choosing your nales is what caused the babies death

Jenny Song

00:00 18+ 😂

Alyssa Burge

the way ethan talks about hila is so incredible, everyone deserves their own ethan

2019 anyone

Malissa RIley


but i feel like it’s too cool”


your better than tyreke


How do you do it man?

did you see my bag

This is why I literally keep a knife under my bed and my mom allowed me now to do it without hiding it because theres a burglar in our neighborhood

Bury Zenek

Not to mention all pony references in Borderlands 2...

saggy tittie's

Long as face


5:03 - satanic star!! :c AMEN

Melissa Thompson

I'm Lily and Paul

Icy Snow

Did anyone else see tye with his shorts ripped

Nancy Novoa

You should have helped your friend with a PE teacher what he did was wrong he should have done that to her I'm glad he got arrested

Cheryl Moodie


Carla Travis

The way it sounds when one of the twins (I can’t tell them apart still 🤦🏿‍♂️) says hotdog

Alexander Lo

Do you like potato?

Shashwath Aiyappa


Me: please Allison

Amy Spees

Awww poor girl :(

Katrina cordova


Israel Ramirez

This is just mouth watering and easy to make 🤤



vincent vinnie

2:24 fucking mood