"The Weight" - A Western Short Film 2012 [HD] - YouTube

"The Weight" is an award-winning Western short film written and directed by the Marcotte Brothers.IMDB:Facebook:

Carlos is the goat

Cody is a bandwagon

CrimZon Edge

any1 else notice DJ Khaled at 2:04? lmao that shouldve been the Easter egg

Because I want to do this


Where is Delorean from "Back to the Future"? This car can find in RE 2 and 3.

lah_red 3

I hope raptors win so I don’t have to feel as bad for them beating out ass - Bucks Fan

Robert Lynch

And I actually have not beaten the story mose so I don't know if this is one for break down only or not. But in breakdown some times lilly will say. " Construction complete" in a way that is reference to popular rts games. But I would guess by the way she says it and just by popularity. Its actually a star craft reference.

Rakib Elahi

what is the song

Manuella Fonseca


Cole Ross

Dude perfect should have their own shoes

Skull Crusher 1992

Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep fucking swimming

Daniel Leura

Panda's gone through so much

Nemo Nemi

That is too exaggerating

Paige Elderton

4 wheeler racing

Logan Walker

Don't judge me but I feel sorry for the panda

And by the way, you're having a beautiful baby boy 💙 ATINYs dead

Tyne Hayflinger

My daughter has Autism

I have social anxiety...


The binary one doesn't work

cool slav

Outbreak 2

Footworx Adarsh

i love dude perfect


I feel like you put so much work into your video's that you don't get enough recognition for them. I also feel that your video's I guess are over engineered, that you put so much thought into them that not a lot of people notice. It's almost like within the past 5 videos you could have inserted the greatest easter egg of all time in and I wouldn't or a large majority wouldn't even notice. You are almost too great for creating Youtube videos, I believe your practices should be invested in films or shows. But then again I am not the one that tells you what to do, I am more than satisfied with the videos you are uploading now. Keep up the amazing work my friend.

Sriracha Welch

who's watching in 2018??

Eva Cheek

Ty looks diff


LeTS lIvE iN tHe WoOds

Daisy Dawn

I was at that same bass pro shops and sat in the same seat that you guys did from the throw that you did with cody