"Seeing Things" Part 1 - YouTube

Brent bites the bullet and tries out laser eye surgery. Hank takes credit for slogans Emma comes up with.

Super James_709

Who is panda

Sequence 1.o

You guys are the best in the world 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Johnny Thornburg

Everyone sub to pewdiepie

Space Boi


kayden edgar

The way to end cancer sadly is that the cancer hopefully dies before you do

Jacob Orr

Kobe would of finished the play


Syndicate is amazing. I'd recommend the game



Christine bergmann


You don't need any dumb gimmicks when doing voice overs ..

Gabriel Ambrocio

This is creaking amazing

E rose The HP Gacha pig


Debbie Houghton

New trick shots 4 coming tusday

Didrick Namtvedt

OMG this trailer looks freaking amazing, it's got me even more excited for the movie now! But honestly, I didn't see that horse underwater coming at all lol! And those big monsters/trolls seem like an exciting addition to the movie as well! :)


holy shit outlaws


So first she went to the bar and got drunk and woke up in an apartment, AND she then says that she had an abusive mother, she had like 3 break ups, and then she proceeds to say her dad lost her job at the same time, talk about a hard childhood

Charlie Thomas

University of Texas at Austin video! """""""Nuclear Ninjas""""""" check it out!!!


I knew it!


starving yourself will only result in you gaining more weight once you start eating again.

Director: yes


this could be real but it was tried a lot of times to get it right....

Dr3am Watcher

1. Instructor didn’t unattached the main parachute

Alan Gherkin

I agree that it would have been very cool if there was a runner on a rooftop in that singleplayer mission where you had to shoot out some lights or something.

Dude 4

He looks like bacon hair from roblox!

Shreya Pandey

Just ask permission to touch a girl before if she is ur girlfriend or not your girlfriend 👍 DO NOT TOUCH A GIRL WITHOUT HER PERMISSION


I can’t wait for normies to think this is the best Disney movie like the first one was


thank you for this masterpiece dad

michael perry

Whats disappointing is that Skip cant get over his petty thoughts about what happened with the Spurs and Kawhi to give a real take on him

Redo_ santibtw

How do you get depressed from thots lmao

Nody Meow

My pants is wet

Wolfycat Yt

Her hair was like


This is good, those illegals don’t deserve to live here, if they want the family to be together, then deport them all

Addiel Cuellar

Why does this video look staged

Allan Coates

Who is the old guy?

Ang Coreen

Oh and 11 bounces

mega annoying channel megannoyingchannel

There she is

Me: mom dad

Greyshell Matos

Have you guys seen his recent snap story. Do you guys know what happened?

Whenever I meet someone the first thing I think is


I found the last easter egg but didnt think of as a reference, caus ei was just walking atround the area and elizabeth randomly came to the machine


It's fake stop making vids


I just found this youtube channel and liked and subbed. I have been purging my theaters on COD games so I can finally save new vids cuz I forget to delete old vids to make new space for new games when they are full. I have missed out on saving new gameplays because of it. At first I was just uploading stuff for my own personal usage so when I get really old I can look back and see what I had did, but some of my clan members told me I should start editing them etc...(cont.)

kacper maziarz

better catch that bottle or else ill beat you up because I'm polish

iridescent. 263

Can't wait for the movie😍😍😍

2.Only wants to see you for intimacy.

Tony Cota

You should do trampoline chrik shots next ⚽🎱🏈🏐⚾🏀⛳🏸🏌🎣🏒

Glass Heart

I can relate. I want to have a art job but there’s no art careers that will make me have a comfortable life. I don’t like tech, just basic color pencils and paper. My parents don’t support me because art related jobs don’t provide much. I get discourage and feel like my talent will go to waste. I would like to be a art teacher but I know they don’t earn much



Xyra De Torres

The toy story scene I’ve been waiting for that to be featured in this video

Just Some Lunatic Without a Mustache

i want to have those feelings of sadness, but now im just numb...

Vahagen Estepanian

This is what vegan people deserve like if you agree

eternal life is promised to those who have faith