"Drei Lilien, drei Lilien..." [Potpourri] Musikkorps 6 der Bundeswehr

– click "Show More" for the full description – Drei Lilien, drei Lilien... [Großes Soldatenlieder-Potpourri] [24 beliebte Marschlieder gesungen und geblasen]Composer: Gustav Kneip (1905-1992)Vocal Group: Soldatenchor des Lehr-Bataillons der Heeresoffizierschule II, HamburgMusical Group: Musikkorps 6 der Bundeswehr, HamburgConductor: Hauptmann Gerhard ScholzRecording Date: 1959Recording Location: HamburgRecord Company: Telefunken-Decca Schallplatten GmbH, HamburgContents:00:00 Westerwaldlied (Anonym)02:23 Ein Schifflein sah ich fahren (Anonym)03:52 Ein Tiroler wollte jagen (Anonym)05:39 Wenn wir marschieren (Anonym)06:42 Argonnerwald, um Mitternacht (Anonym, 1915)07:31 Zehntausend Mann (Anonym)08:19 Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuß (Anonym)10:06 Droben im Oberland (Anonym)10:46 Erika (Niel, 1938)12:13 Wohlan, die Zeit ist kommen (Anonym)14:04 Das schönste Land der Welt (Anonym)15:51 Schatz, ach, Schatz (Anonym)18:19 Drei Lilien (Anonym)19:51 Im grünen Wald (Anonym)21:29 Ihr lustigen Hannoveraner (Anonym)22:50 Lore, Lore (Anonym)26:04 Wenn die Soldaten (Anonym)26:58 Funkerlied (Wübbecke, 1939)28:20 Hamburg ist ein schönes Städtchen (Anonym)29:31 Panzerwagenlied (Anonym - Wiehle, 1935)30:31 Ich bin ein freier Wildbretschütz (Anonym - Löns)32:21 Morgen marschieren wir (Anonym)33:16 Es wollt' ein Mädel früh aufstehn (Anonym)35:09 Lili Marleen (Schultze, 1938 - Leip, 1915)Digitized by Ivan Ž., 2008NOT to be used for commercial or propaganda purposes"Drei Lilien, drei Lilien" [Three Lilies, Three Lilies], the best German soldiers' songs medley of all time. Featuring original lyrics, as printed on the back cover of the record (with some minor corrections/additions by me).

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The swing is from How Could You Leave Us because of the porch swing in the video that most likely is a childhood memory, The balloons were introduced in Why along with the shopping cart. The river is possibly from Let You Down from the scene where he is drowning in a river while he watches. The balloons represent burdens while the people dressed in white represent good but all good things in his life carry some sort of burden which is why they have black balloons. Finally when NF is in the shopping cart at the end and the man in white puts the white clothes in his cart that shows that even though he is depressed there are people in his life (most likely either his family or his fans) that he still has to act like he is fine towards and he doesn't like that.


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10:47 When you just learned of Stefans passing and you want to pay respect

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All these people in the comments be like, “why is she sad about her hair? She could be dead but she’s complaining about her hair??” Or things like that. But it is said in the video that she loved her hair and it was the main source of her confidence. And no one wants to lose their hair, but when the only confidence you had came from your hair, you’d be sad too.

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