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Gr8estWalter 8

April 2018


Fuck this shit i barely shit my pants fir the last one :(

Aziz Said

Holy shit.

Preset Wolf

I dont like Deus Ex (even though I dont know the story) but, its Guru!! Ill watch any Guru vids he has

K- bom


On the top of it the option to choose the rulers has been given to the general public including stupid, senseless and absolutely unaware people.

Annalyn Malindog

Tyler is a real pitcher??


You are amazing ! I love the concept !

georgina a

i really don’t think that he is a jerk because, she ruined his suit and told her to leave him alone but she made it worse.

M.G.N. Gaming

Dude.. i have 2 sides that are completely opposite


KOJIMA: Death Stranding trailers will be never understood, even by me!DISNEY: HOLD MY FROZEN BEER

Like TV

Peace of shit sorry bro but it is what it is )(

Nguyen sang Cubin

What should we battle next

A normal Guy

Everybody's complaining about the Trailers not showing anything, but we should be glad. I prefer Trailers that don't explain anything rather than Trailers that show too much.

Henry Blackard


Guys pls like it

Me : also acts like a psychopath

Trenton Stanley

25 bouncesI remember watching this video when it came out

mustafa khan

they should've played with the stuff gray bought :)

Electro Saturn

Croatia! Croatia! I am from USA but they got eliminated!Croatia!! Croatia🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷Edit. Shoot they lost! Cmon France!!

Dad: where the f@#k did thst come from


Guru I've been following your channel for a couple of years now and, obviously, I love the videos cause of the Easter eggs... but nowadays that's not the main reason why I watch all your videos... now it's because how you edit them. Man these videos are usually edited so damn clean and how you include footage from the references (playing the audio right before showing the footage) plus 60 fps is always an welcome addition. Thanks for the great vids and I hope to see much more this 2017. Cheers!

Nathan Placker

Shouldn't the panda have pt the footballs in the holes going 3 to 1 instead of 1 to 3

cute unicorn animation

Wow is he yay or not???

Natasha Plant



He said let them get their boo’s in. Even after that late punch I have so much respect for this man as a fighter. GIVE HIM THE TITLE FIGHT ALREADY.

Azeem Aslam

Dude perfect is the best and they try to make the people happy and I want a Nerf gun with bullet which is used by ty

leminut Getan

do soccer


Brother: Lets play our secret game


when i was younger i was messing around with the LFD2 music box thing then that song came and i thought it was funny because back then i did'int even know what portal was

Vincent Pallasigui

1st Frozen Trailer: Im the most confusing trailer they ever seen.2nd trailer: Am i a Joke To you?

Eduardo Morales

Cuantos intentos hicieron like

Wolfiex6723 7


Ethan Hi

Idk when I watched this but I will watch it again

Delete Brig

Omfg mr toots

Hellboy Xanny

Can anyone tell me how can i find lil skies yellow sweater? Help out please.

Seth Green

Does anyone else want that uncharted board game?

The Soviet Ointment Onion

F dat mom when she does she’s goin to hell and siffring sadness for all of eternity


Don't tale it personaly, Jamey, but you kinda sound like a robot! 🤣

Man tiger

2:11 Swedish hmmmm pewdiepie is Swedish soooo