Pour It Out with Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35cGet more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: Jimmy: more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Follow The Tonight Show: The Tonight Show: Tonight Show Tumblr: more NBC: NBC YouTube: NBC: NBC: Tumblr: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.Loaded Questions with Margot Robbie



She probably died because if she had not died then she would die in horrible death. I'm so sorry for you

ada m

oh wait i continued to watch it was just ww2 kids story


Let’s all not forget that the man was the one who started the whole fight. She accidentally spilled a drink on him and he freaked out and was rude as hell to her, so of course she snapped at him!! And once she got fired for doing so, she lost it and didn’t care, so that’s why she sprayed the champagne bottle at him!!! He deserved it in some ways.

Black Ceiling

You're not mentally ill... This is pathetic, this is just a mood swing exaggerated so u can virtue signal for attention


Wake the fuck up samurai. We have a city to burn.

Danny Gomez

Booster's Tower, not Bowser's.

Carlos Boozer

"Mission failed we'll get em next time"

Carson Black

Do one with odell be cum jr

pmt pov

what yall want this man to do....he is being triple teamed every time he touch the ball...stop disrespecting that man.

Bob Jenkins

russell wilson played for the badgers didnt get a heisman starting q for a good teamJohnny manziel played for aggies got a heisman 2nd or 3rd string for a shitty team

Dalvin Ortega

Yo 😞💪


I wonder who just stood in front of a desk pressing X fifty times wondering to themselves.

Arnel Arañador Jr

Asphalt 9?!

Saint Humble

This was the very inspirational Coby

Nikki Feltman

Longhorn is better than booth


Only jumpscare countdown I've seen that didn't include the sloth murder scene from Se7en

Weem and Joom

Do a lacrosse stereotypes

Bonnie Smith

Coby is the best ty so is ty

Jett Balika

Ty looks like ruin from Cod bo4 or bo3

ChrisHumor EpicToni

Omg! Almost to 500,000K! I was here since Gurukid when you were first starting still playing "lemerate" and "Christopher Andersson" your such a amazing youtuber and its nice still being here watching you progress and progress! Please keep it up I'm glad you have fun while doing this!❤️



Mojta As

that's deep man

Brayden Kuhrts

You should do tyrek hill

Gabe Grattan

People in stl are crying rn

Zyntex - Reviews & More

You also missed Saul he's right across from them

Mike Maietto

Zurlein just hit a 57 to send the rams to the super bowl so I came and watched this

Fluffy Dango

So Uncharted and TLOU are set in the same universe. Cool.

Riley Hall

Huntin fishin luvin everyday

unnoobable crew