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Matt Weber

Panda in a tree!!!!! XD

And maybe even enough to make a part 2 ..?

erik logodi

The cats name is Tyler


I saw your DJ Khaled name tag

The Dude

Clever, well done..Thank you

Eimear Reilly

@TheyCallMeSureShot without advertisements how would youtube function. they would have no money you dumb ass!

_FrickinPikachu _

4:45 don't you mean the sound you're listening for?.

SK_Steefke *


Bransen Cain

What a baby

ragegod boris

shut the fuck up if you don't like it why are you here? out of our sight.

Juan Juan H

People : Hans Zimmer & Alan Silvestri gave us chillsKristen Anderson-Lopez : Hold my beer

Stone Theis


Kyle Huxley

i think that you guys should have TONY HAWK next

crazy owl

Not going to lie my dad's the same way, trys to buy my affections, people are always are so jealous but I would give up all of that stuff if he just understood me, I'm bi, my sibling is non binary but my dad just criticizes us, makes comments about other people to us and expecting us to agree it's bad when you have to hide how you really feel, not saying a word, and just nod.

Liam Ferguson

I like when coby won a battle team coby for life baby

xzile noj

hey guys you didnt notice his clothes before he go and shot its dirty already means he did many times before he takeperfect shot.... thumbs up ^^

Ryan Pate

Hey fun with guru do u find these Easter eggs ur self?

Biju Krishnan

Do school stereotypes 🏫🏫🏫🏫🏫🏫

juan martinez

unbelievable composure this team had to win this specific game

Ashanti Weltmeyer

You did good god bless u

Bobble Head