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Pony Sisters Hair Salon 2 - Pet Horse Makeover FunBy TutoTOONS➔ Download Link ➤iTunes: Hi my friends! If you enjoyed my video please Comment, Like, Favorite, Subscribe and Share. I Love You All. ♥♥♥Click Here To Subscribe Kidsmonster! ►PLAYLIST: the five Pony Sisters in the best pony hair salon and play the cutest pony makeover games for girls!Pink pony Rosie wants to play dress up and look like a pony princess. Make her a princess crown too! Little Zoe, the coolest of them all, is here for a super trendy zebra style makeover. Beautiful Rainbow can't wait for her fantasy unicorn makeover. Pretty pony Britney wants a new pop music star style. Pony sister Molly came all the way from Texas to get her hooves done. Show your best stylist skills and help these little pony dreams come true. Keep the hair salon tidy and clean it up after a long day of work!


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