Piper (From "Piper")

Kristin LeRoy

blackhawks please do IT!

Armando Godina

Is the old guy the panda

Лилия Аракелян


I am an Ironman

Lol really that's it.. saw tons of people talking about it, thought this gonna be good. Lmao what's all the fuzz about.

Harold Gerard Cerrato Gutierrez

you can look for zack king he is cool


This looks like freakin' murder like wth was the rock giant lookin' thing ment to be it looked like a serial killerHehehe cereal... I'm so lame

Kingston_ King

Animation makes her look hot

caleb gilbert

I don’t play Madden but my brother is the power button pusher, human controller, trash talker, phone dude, mr one play, and the replay

GD Jorban

Jesus why is rockstar so cruel

Yuyu Kawa

The amount of children on this video who can relate to this and would get yelled at or hit for trying to talk to their parents about it is appalling. :/


Youre fucking awesome bro <3

Curly-haired girl: "O-oh... o-okay?" (you can literally tell that she's responding to being yelled at)


Eh, Minecraft sucks anyway.


"No officer, I have no idea how the neighbors house burned down."

Hubbit 200

Can you react to The Voice Junior please?


Guru at 3:25 the picture has yellow skin referencing the Simpsons because the creators or South Park and the Simpsons are friends and have both made refrences to family guy in a bad way

john tea

I dont know why but from being a small tiny newborn baby and growing up to be getting bullied bye a group of d*** heads it makes me cry when i think of it i don't know why leave a like if it happends to you.

My World

I cri😭❤

good, i thought she might have been 18

Vincent Mondragon

This guy has glue on his gloves 😂

Chris Frey

Seeing this trailer made me remember seeing the first halo 3 trailer and how that gave me goosebumps, happy sigh it's like the good old days are back, here's to an amazing year of gaming in 2020🍻


Omg you're so pretty

Lmao Son

Dez caught it.

Caitlin Dixon

Just take this video down TT The end bit where she's like "now I have friends that accept me!" is the worst bit tbf like,, I can be a homophobe and still live a great life! It's okay to be bigoted!

down me down

go sub my chanal i do yours

Microwaved Cheetos

Holy shit , Griffin's deepest voice sounds exactly like Keanu Reeves John wick 5:35 😆

• jungzhx •

Being beautiful isn’t everything, you are beautiful inside and out, Maybe a lot people are just too blind to see that

John Childress

Subscribe if you are watching

Judy Chen

0:50 0:52 0:56 1:03 3:16 the rage quitter

fat'n sad

i sometimes wanna be anorexic too i actually would took years for me to be this thin

MLG360noscoper195 !

Neighbor stereotypes


Kimbler Lewis

11 minutes in & bird's eye


Ugh Harry was so awkward in that scene

Jaytheassassin 347

I have fortnight on Xbox and PS4

ZKlap ss


Mariusz Bassa

I have already ! ( :

Star Plays

rumor has it that guru will reply one day. But its just a rumor it might not happen.


Alexander Avila

That God of War Easter egg was actually really cool.