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Bennett Blanset

you only win in ONE battle and you don’t win ANY other battles Coby.

zainab fathima

And I am wondering that isn't there a comment about where is Ty's beard?Like if you did too


Mortal kombat X Easter eggs/jumpscares?


There are only 3 YouTube Channels that get me enthusiastic when I receive a video notification:

Andie Belew

Me and my mom almost got hit by lightning

Ruben T

That place looks like heaven. I could probably spend hours in there, and not buy anything.


Love it! ♡

No I just wanted ppl to smile

Acksel Bob

no fruits we're harmed in the making of the video. ;)

Moral: The people who are meanest to you, might become something good in the end

Austin Leonard

You need a zip line that goes over Olympic trampolines 😀

Unsub T series

Tiny Mighty

How did he jump over a car with pogo stick?☆♡


Damit all, why? Why you got to do that :c. God Bless you whoever the girl was telling the story.

Magic XG

I may be wrong, but at 5:35 those two twins to the left, aren't they referencing the shining twins? Like this comment or reply?

Books, Broadway And BTS

Ok but

Maarten Schoen

Song ;O?

Alex Kamran

Amazing lo NO! :3 hahahaha glad your a millionaire :)


They should to rugby trick shots! Right?2 lefts don't make a right but 2 Wrights make an airplane.;p

Yuvrajsingh Yuvrajsingh

You all guys are very amazing....😊😊😊😊

Jessica Price

Don't feel bad she was not a good mother anyway

and i oop

If he didn't like her then why was he wasting his money on her its pointless

no really this is sad

Caca verde

Nicholas heyek

SophGaming 478

Who wants to smack the dad back to the hellhole he came from?

An opinion is NOT: i don't agree with lgbt people existing.

it's kitty candy

You are like a knock off Justin Bieber

Ciara Brown

Who else thought that the girl was the prettiest! (The girl who is narrating the storey) especially 1:07 that’s a cute OUTFIT!!

8 ball Chamorro

F*** you Forest

Wert Gamer

I forgot to say this but happy 10 year anniversery in your first video!

why aren't you? (TT)


4:39 someone hangs there xD


Y'all will build a bigger slingshot in future

Asa Heron

You just totally copied from ksi 😂

Six God talk but I ain't tryna get preachy (No, no, no)

Tactical Jackson

This is totally my new favorite Frank Zappa song.

Moms lasagna

Sam Richards

This was the first ever dude perfect video I ever watched


seems like she doesn't have everything...someone to hold all four of her giant shopping bags.

Mathias Lui

I love that elevator!! <3 xD

Tava'esina Tupailelei

Did anyone see that when Rug said $458 they put $485