Party Up

Alexandra Jusino

The 4th one was say my name say my name.

Fuzzy FoxSFM

My teacher saved my life too, once, I was sucking on a lollipop, but I was sucking it a bit too hard and the entire lollipop went down my throat. I started choking and my teacher saw me and started the heimlich on me and I puked half of the lollipop out into the trashcan. Part of the lollipop went down my throat into my stomach and she is why I'm here today! This happened years ago and I still remember all about it. The next day I stayed home from school and me and my mom gave her flowers and hugs for saving my life. I realized how much I scared my friends and told them I was sorry. I actually made my teacher cry!!!! I am just happy I'm still here right now.

I'll be laughing at you

Jonathan Masinick


kez bah

douche bags.

Marie Davis

6:40 he passed by another easter egg the red headband

Start gaming

Các bạn biết mình là ai ko

Noah Del Rey

wtf why would you turn him straight?

Aric Sikora

Same team same team same team


I know the truth guys.The truth is..She is adopted

killed myself.

A Whimsical Statue

"The better of the two Superhero battle movies this year." Your opinion is your opinion, I suppose.

Thomas Rumpel Loy

Good video


Do airsoft trick shots

not everyone gets the chance.


RedRiddingHood GACHA

WWWAAAIIITTTT I hate working alone

Azhfizar Rifqi


Rittika Adhikary

I love the largest sling shot..

Laner BF

My favorite baseball team is the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sara M.

LGBTQ+: hey, this is who I am

Fisher Robin

👍okay I’ll give you a thumbs up👍

Me : But i told you here

Landon Owens

3:36-3:38 I liked how the kid by Ty covered his ears


My parents when I'm the only child: STOP PLAYING VIDEO GAMES


wtf is wrong with the top comments?