Pagdating ng Panahon Full Movie 2001 (Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla)

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Fan edits 101

I have depression at 11 Wow probably because I'm turning 12 in a few months so it's normal


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"Turret Wife Serenade." You can download it along with the rest of the Portal 2 soundtrack for free at the Portal 2 website.

Silvia Maria Guadalupe Romero Schleske

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Garrett A

Love the vid, but wow, wouldn’t say this is even close to being the best Ubisoft game imo. I’ve even spent more time playing Far Cry 5 than playing this, but maybe I just don’t like looter shooters other than Borderlands

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Repeater305’s Video games

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khalid filali

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Chiperi Andrei

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Noah Shelton

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Guru you should have done it with Mirrors edge 2!

Tom Newman

Why didn't ty say "this is gonna make a splash" for the first shottt

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Amazing, keep up the great work!

Cynical Shube

This trailer is about their parents and how they drowned. I can tell

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Sofiji Water

Im not kidding i watched this like 70 times-

Jacobo Vazquez

You my friend, are the King of Easter Eggs!

Stephen Britter

The dude holding the camera at 3:20 maybe is the Panda.. MAYBE I’M RIGHT... or u know about this already.... 😔

Crazy Mai

Meh, if you were the type of person to use "the natural way" as an argument for anything, you weren't the kind to do not have children, despite of the end result. (yeah sure there will be exceptions in the comments. geez, gotta put a disclaimer everywhere nowadays)


Paul Falatik

Is the Old Guy Emmerich in the birthday Scene?

Bryan Lim

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DreamingFantacyxx 302

I'm liking this story a lot XD


Great stuff! Could I recommend the final scene in Teen Wolf. Right in the center of the camera there's a person in the crowd with their pants unbottoned and completely open.

Hard Sell

Surprised you didn't notice the keypad noise for the birthday room uses the old resident evil inventory noises.

Bryan Batican

I thought this is new vlog but it wasnt this is 2019 may 21

Kimberly Buck-Glaze

Does bijuu have a daughter

baby king game play and reaction

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Presidentialrockstar765 3759

So you turned 5 right so 9 years later your 14 but you said you were 13 in the beginning WTF


WTH... No wonder why "RED ROCKET" and a "Dog" was so familiar to me... Thank god the dog is a different breed. Now, I can rest with ease.

Aolani Gutierrez-vazquez

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heat wave

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Amber Thomas

Which part looked the most fun? Hmm... Everything


When I heard the whirring at the start of the video, I thought Pimblokto had returned. You tease us most unjustly.

Eve Grace

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