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Oh good

Andrea Huiman

I only hope that the doctor got at least a reprimand for his error and that you got better

Mobin Sahak

"I thought it was 9/11 again" Well racism still exists!

Stacy E

Team necklace

FaZe Gone

2019 anyone?

egg wash

The modern warfare 3 is the saddest.

kill me classics

I didn't know whales migrated to Hawaii. Thanks I learn something new every day!

Victoria Botello

What’s the due date?

Jaydon Patterson

Can you do a college football one

Šįm Ķąý

Panda is so cute...

James Lee

Hey Guru, is it possible that in Call of Cthulhu the official game has also different kinds of easter eggs? But plz only if you have bought the game or have interest about it.

Mohamed Sherif

Base ball



Maricarmen Petersen

you guys are the best and sportiest people on earth

Mick Scott

Tyler that's carma


why are ppl so good at art


no its pacman


popcorn muncher




simpsons hit and run= lots of fun. I had this weird glitch with the monorail car were it would spawn a little red box with wheels that was really fast and completely indestructible.

Ziyah Moss

Derik CARR

Mikael Haavin

The one from MW3 was actually really sad

Abhilasha Rai

I am the avoidant type... I really like this video. I got to learn something new from it

Megan And Kacie

I’m from England too

Ryan C

wow another dbz nostalgia cash-grab

Mario Ramirez

Wow I honestly can't believe what I saw it was just amazing

Emily Tronnes

I think you should go to Bangkok...i had a hard time finding anything plus size except for a few street vendors! Plus the food is out of this world 😁


Did u guys hear dempsy at the end

Clark Kent

Fuck it I saw what epilogue looks like! Made me curious. Gotta get back to the game.

robert espinoza


Cedar Porteous

They be like it’s march when it’s april really !

Mr. Trollinator

#YIAYjob She quit her job so she can be a jobless fuck like you, Jack.

XBG Atrix

I like how he actually skipped so the end of the easter egg on 12:38 so I'm subbing cause of that

Homeless and starved

Kitty Amazing

I started off with Anxiety when I was about 15, that is now combined with not only panic disorder, but also added bouts of depression.... Been this way since I was 17 and was finally diagnosed when I was 19. I've developed ways to combat my anxiety and depression but panic disorder is not so easy to fight off... A little voice always whispers "but what if today there really is something wrong" and it's truly terrifying... I've had my hands and arms lock up from panic attacks, unable to move and feel like I can't get a drop of air in me, resulting in a few ambulance rides with paramedics watching me convulse, concerned I'm going into a seizure... Then afterwards doctors say it's "just anxiety" and I go home sore, with every muscle in my body screaming like I've just rolled down a rocky mountain...



ethan: what if i bought a ton of tape and made the BIGGEST TAPE BALL OF ALL TIME

Lily Gruno

aweee when north said “mama” it was sooo cuteeee