Ouch | Manoj Bajpayee & Pooja Chopra | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films

Watch Neeraj Pandey's perfect take on an extra marital affair gone all wrong. Presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films.

Daver ,10

Как же без России

Ethan Samau

Whats the name of the song???

Nehemiah Pruitt

Those are some toned bunzzz

Olamipo’s World

5:58 The story of normal gaming boy 👦

My name is Fred

Carlos Herbert

The last girl is a cougar i swear 😂😂😂😂

The Saival

Man, thats video is pure BS. They say meat is bad, so you should cut down on it. Meanwhile they also say that the Inuit eat ONLY (99%) meat and are fine. So why we should cut down on meat, if the Inuit eat mostly meat and are fine?

Guenevere Paysan

When are you going to write an origin video again... Can't wait 💚💚💚


Who would want to be panda

💜 💜 💜 💜

Charlie Hare

Long shot


I have ADD and OCD and developmental delayed.


I swear this dude should run as president bc I would defo vote for him without hesitation

David Vinson

Do some more overtimes

Oh Mushrooms

Imagine if that basketball that was thrown off from the roof hit a car on accident...

TTT 0429


lord moly

2:00 son: aw shit here we go again*Dad:COME HERE BOY OGGABOOGABOOGA *beats kid all night

I wanted to ramble on about INSIDE for a little bit, hence why this is one of my longest videos. I recommend the game, even though I still don't know how I feel about it. I thought I'd bring Part 2 up from being at the end of the year because there was more than enough for a full video. I hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for watching!

Nyan phyo Aung


Aaron Howser

@Predator6115 no


Tyler looks like the guy from ghost recon

Hussam Elayna

Saints were robbed!! 😤

Gravity Dood

Seriously look at how much health you lose when you take a hit, even against stronger ennemies like that black trooper guy, and compare that to the amount of health they lose per hit, it's ridiculous, you'd have to die on purpose out of curiosity to see what the game-over screen looks like.

Life Of Gacha

this is hard to watch


ok that’s cute but does elsa get a gf

Shaun Cavanaugh

25 bounces

Venus Kogane

Seriously when's the album coming out?

Quincy Bell Sports

Definitely the replay guy

DP editors Break break breakthrough


“They tried to warn us like, we gon’ see them heaven gates or jail”



Mimi Nanevski

Wait u are from serbia?cool bcs im from serbia!

Tyler Ferguson

let me help you. in the first game it takes place in 1960, but in the second it STARTS off in 1958, them Lamb forces delta to shoot himself and he wake up ten years later in 1968. you can also hear splicers talking about Jack, when you get the Telekinesis Plasmid. before you kill the 3 splicers they tell a story about how Jack Saved all the little sisters and is now living with them as he daughters on the surface. it a little weird, but the Games cross paths sort of. i am running out of space.

Oscar Davison

I love your youtube videos.


안녕하세요 ONCEs 내 채널을 확인하세요 ❤ 나는 이 여왕을 위해 좋은 커버를 만들었어요 👸 "팬시"

Mimi Star

Things that annoy me the most with YouTube videos and there ads: imagine that your so deep into your YouTube video. Then, you are suddenly interrupted with a ad about under wear and impeaching Donald Trump😂 this is what happend to me while I was watching this video. Like if a similar situation happens to u!✌

kellen bradley

team coby

cypher sabston

6:54 I wish they were in HD to my friend