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Oscar is parched. He sees the chickens frolicking in a pool of water and tries to join them but he loses his tail.► Subscribe for a new Oscar’s Oasis video every week:► Choose another Oscar’s Oasis episode: Keep up with Oscar on Facebook: you’re a lonely lizard in an unforgiving environment, life can be tough. It can seem the entire world is against you. In the case of Oscar, a rather forlorn desert denizen, it often is.Produced by TeamTO.

Bill Nye the Russian spy!

He went undrafted


If it landed on Trump Tower, Trump would have said it landed on the 74th floor

Rizki Setyasri

This is a great video!


Well, a quick google to the fan-made wiki confirms this. Jamie Ayre doesn't even specify the N64 game.

music now

Show who is under the panda costume

Try Hard Tiger GamingYT

I love your video so much are you rich?

Angelo Yalun

Do this if your tired

Michael Riccardelli

need another one of theses

Robert Simon

You’re a lucky, lucky dude.

xd Noah

I miss summeeeeerrrrr

August Nyblom

Purple hoser all the way... i got a bonus point yay.

Haleigh Cain

Watched half of your episodes in one day plan finishing tomorrow

Jolly O'knoblet

Even Gurukid is a fan of grand dad, god bless the world


Then when they heard thunder they ran in the opposite direction so i followed them too.

Shadow Stalker

Saving puppers can give you the ability to meme the fuck out of people

Jahirul Ali

Plz flim with messi

Celeste Kreamer

Where does this guy get the certificates from

AmuEnderman GamePlays

lol Cory is so unlucky

Naning Wikandari



yoni boboshov

do more stereo types

Deskumnotiant Gaming

1 was cod

Evan Mattson

Mikael Kingsbury is my favorite since I'm from canada

Jacob Summers

Pete Weber for life

rachel richey

30:09 Title

Chilel Semega- Janneh

Can I become a member of Dude Perfect?

Zareen Rizwan

Traveling steario

tyson liptay

Each like=100 prays for her

Veronica Valentine

I discovered the jump scare shooting the water by accident "fishing" and it scared the shit outta me.

James Lee

Wonderful start for surviving nxt week. Btw love the Bioshock Infinite references thanks guru