Oceansize - spectacular animated Sci-fi [ HD ]

Oceansize (english subtitles) is a short 3D movie made by 4 students of Supinfocom Arles in 2008. An animation film by Romain Jouandeau, Adrien Chartie, Gilles Mazieres and Fabien Thareau.English Caption by FD (Taucher002)official website OCEANSIZE:- making of:

4-Dale like

The Plane Kid

He is not the richest. (5th richest) so CHANGE THE TITTLE


Guess they finally found the source code.


I’m over here being jealous over episode because my character got to hug Grayson and Ethan. 😪 I’m wearing their merch as I type this, lmao.

Dillydohopper James

Thank you for warning me at double jumps care still crapped my pants though ;-;

Oscar Eldridge


T-Def Hip Hop



Yep that’s UK for ya

Sanjay King


Lars Nijhuis76

15:50 The guy behind it wants money too...


Hve you done any gta/ other rockstar games easter eggs? If not please do!!

find anonymous

this is pretty acurate. I suffer from anxiety


Dead rising 3 is only on Xbox one

Shadowy Shadow

Bro we get it you vape

PJ Of Rivia


Sephan Tamang

Nice video

Ana Martínez



Am I the only peon who thinks bf 1 looks insanely generic and like most 1900-1950 era shooters with better graphics?

gael Huchin cruz

Me encanta

Austin Goodenough

I am a simple man. I see Fortnite or any other games exclusive to Epic, I dislike.

Anne Grethe Bakker

What is a Tomboy?

Reasonable BB

I want Kawhi to go where he originally wanted to go. He complained that the Spurs never attracted any top free agents, and why would he say that?

Zelous o

Rip feels for ever

simeon harris

Every time kuz says dope take a shot

Umid Abduvokhidov

Trash is becoming popular welcome to 21th century

Jr Irons

You can tell it took many tries by their reactions and you can tell it didn’t take many tries when their celebration is short


Was that your voice....I've never heard u b4

Jaeden L

If you are watching in April 2019 like here👇🏻

Leaping Millard

Cool, I have aspergers too

Lane Fruge

my favorite team is the Dodgers

wilbur foorce

It will be very interesting to see how bad this will look on base xbox one hardware.

Joshua Bulger

Sorry for you loss


how do they leave this shit in the final cut?

Literally no one-


Please do crepes and brioche from Good Omens!

Ismael Esparza

The furst trick shots the balls disappears

Dan Lloyd

Pancakes in UK are just like that tbf



bubble gum dum dum

Who the fuck thing is this is real this storey is so fake

Doron Bond

“When Lebraaahhn..”

Karli Goodrich

Good times roll is my favorite song


The 263 people who disliked this must have watched upside down

Like this if u agree with me.

Kaka Karrotcake

Fuck you for making addictive videos! I'm subscribing you son of a bitch.

LeMron James

My favorite dunk is between the legs

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