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Something New

What is it with battlefield and dinosaurs?

Himanshu Gupta

White men can jump........on trampolines😂

Niomi has a point you know XD


So you’re telling me that you are now 119 years old and sound like a guy in his 30’s


who is the panda

Angus Pilon

how could you dislike this its awesome keep it up =)


He lost his WEDDING RING 😂😂

Pizza cat

1 like=1 more basketball

Nims Vibes

Guys why don’t you guys do a beach disc trick shots???


I'm scared that I'm gonna lose my family my self and what's gonna happen after all the stuff I've done will I lose my memory? Will I become a nother new person and live a new life


Rediculious ;)

Josh Larochelle

Terrorist attack? He tries to crash land on a roof to prevent damage and you still question terrorism? You have to be stupid.

Julien Gr

Is this a good way to make bread?

Ingve Kjosås

@crzzymnn911 If you're an athlete like him, and try for an hour or so, you'll eventually get lucky and make the shot. He has played both basketball and American football, so those skills really come in handy.

Rana Alidawi

you are a strong women keep it u no matter what

Paula Krosse

I find it uncool what the mother told her I don’t like it at all and that she is not allowed to cry I mean everything is broken down in her life in such a awful way and nobody is thinking about her depression and mental illness is not that harmless she played it pretty cool I mean they all sick and they all need they time and attention even her when she really got a depression she is ill like the other one and is fighting like the other ones against they own bodie

Candice Nguyen

It's really annoying when they keep calling each other jerk and lunatic. They just sound so stubborn it hurts, anyways, it's just my opinion ;-;

Sweet like Pearland, sweet like Peachtree (Like that)

Brandon Serafin

Old school trick shots quite literally because these are the shots that they started with, thus the old school style. Clever.


So many warm colors are used in this video.