[No Copyright Music] Paradise - Ikson

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Thank you for this video!

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Who wants track stereotypesPress the thumbs up and it will turn blue

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panicking I can't make a creative comment! Uhh....Yes.

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1. usually i'm able through your videos to find stuff i've never heard about, or stuff that's so rare that i've only seen them once or twice or heard about them through rumors.

Gaming with monkeys

Yo bode miller

Bitz the Fox

9:30 what is the name of this music plz lemme know

Protagonist starts to see Silverhands' "ghost" after someone putting the "chip of immortal" into him and it's all a reference to the meme about Keanu is immortal

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Eat to be healthy, don't eat to be skinny 😉

Amina bee

I suggest removing the hand cuz it's so distracting and annoying

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now the season has started!!!!

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Plot twist, Nathan Drake and his friends are in the same world as Ellie and Joel. Just Nathan and the others are probably off on some faraway island looking for treasure, so they have no idea whats going on on that part of the world.

Brett Hunter

Riley (he's almost 6 and loves Dude Perfect) wants you to put a pool in your new Office.He asked me to post this because you guys say sometimes in the video that "if you want to see changes or have any ideas please comment down below". He just wants you guys to have a pool.



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April 2019


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Omg 😮 who is José ?? I loved 🥰😍😍😍😍🙈🙈🤭🤭🤭


like the song

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you guys forgot the person that showed up late but knows it all and the person that seen the movie 12 times

같은 내 민족이 왜 이렇게 억압받고 고생해야 되는지

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I was supposed to have a big trophy today but we blew the lead from a TO technical and they made both and tied it with.75 seconds left and in overtime they won by 1 point

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Next time if u gonna call zeke a "runningback" include "The Goat of" so what u should say is "The Goat os runningbacks" k


taler wft

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He did nothing wrong.

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Sweet The Last Of Us Chillhop. Just perfect

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1 like = 1 saved sledge hammer from the wall

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It quite makes sense in the Death Toll Boat easter egg because the boat was owned by the military and yet Counterstrike is a soldier's game.

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It's Jack not jock

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Eh looks lame


Yo hardline you missed a perfect change to let us acutally Nearly scare a guy half to death when hes playing a Game with jumpscares

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so y'all mean this is the trailer forrise of the guardians 2.0

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Stay Strong 💪

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Nice editing man. Loved it. Kudos to you

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Why is there a dislike button on here

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I witnessed and understood 7 right away

I am ashamed and disguisted of my country so much right now-


Level 69 tactician.. its so exsagerated

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Ok i feel bad for this girl

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I also have bpd

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What's the song playing in the background?