Nerf First Person Shooter: Easter Egg Hunt

, brought to you by PDK Films! In this Nerf war, the Easter bunny laid Easter eggs containing Nerf guns, Nerf ammo, and grenades. Find special Easter eggs with new merch and the brand new Nerf Rival Nemesis Blaster! An epic Nerf battle with the Easter Bunny goes down at the end! Subscribe for more Nerf videos!Business inquiries ► #nerfsquad #pdkfilms #kingkouskyJoin Nerf Squad and subscribe to PDK Films to get all of our new Nerf videos, and remember to turn on post notifications! Also subscribe to my gaming channel: King Kousky.Buy my Nerf guns! ► PDK Films:My name is Paul Kousky and I’m the director of PDK Films, which is the biggest Nerf channel on YouTube! I make all kinds of crazy Nerf videos with Nerf blasters, and I’m known for creating the popular Nerf Squad and Nerf First Person Shooter series on YouTube. If you like Nerf then be sure to join Nerf Squad by subscribing to PDK Films, and remember to check out my gaming channel: King Kousky.Instagram ► ► ► you for watching my Nerf videos!


I think they were sponsored by Gatorade


Jason Brody - The guy that will be replacing Desmond Miles in Assassin's Creed Black Flag Thanks and regards

Gavin Sticker

Deja vu! I have driven this trike before!

Brandon H. Kidd

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60 yards

robert elmore


Robert Dusa

one of the people on list in zeitgeist gallery is a girl named LISA SIMPSONS... Is that an easter egg or not ?

František valter

please real life trick shots 3 plsplspls



First teaser trailer: confusing... Second trailer: confusing...Third trailer: fuck that! I don’t get it 😂


I'm the dude who brings nothing but takes everything haha


stupid sexy Keanu

IRRASKIE im watching at 2019

poor garrett on that outro

Niks Dcp

At 1:33 the place reminded me of Brave, where Merida and her Mum had a moment 😭

Jonas Palmeter

3:20 ummm why are you drinking on camera