Naomi and Elys - No Kiss List - Film en Français

Matthew Short

I remember when I wasn't like this... It was so long ago that the memory and how it felt is actually beginning to fade. I'm so sick of being so anxious and scared now 😥😞 It's with me always and I don't think it will ever go.

Alex Aykroyd

they should make a school addition

3:drop ramen block in water

gold coin

R.k.o through the table

Breecker Boys

Islanders symbol tatoo


Part 2 please

Adijahnae Bailey

People are finding love at age 3

Kristen Alderman

bring rashod greene from FSU and do drilles with him hes a WIDE RECEEVER with Jameis WINSTON

Ihsan gaming

My favourite was flip a dip

Abdulla Nabi

The ending was like wheelunfortunate

flower uni

Well I did and they said "eh you'll be fine"

FelixTheCat LEGO channel

Sharks are so cute

jess b

Finish the sentenceIf I had Elsa power I would .......

Maya Flores

Uhhh... Noel fine as hell

「 strawberry milk 」

i was born late.. yeah, i was big. ._.


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Manny jarbo

If kd is healthy you play him no matter what! But it’s not even to beat this raptors team 3 times inna row...


Epic do you realize how much better fortnite was in season 2-4?

Captain Eggcellent

Inb4 this goes viral.

Paige Duggan

team cuke or team lody

Valentina Cruz

James is such an icon I can’t

Paul Feik

You use the best músic can you tell me the name

Deanna Hernandez

I’m 12 and I drink

Ayesha Noor


Nur Ayanih

In debes

Luisangel Rojas

#2 en Perú 🔥🔥🔥

Chikscan Game

I’m pretty sure she’s got ASD traits

Oe Mund

I can't understand the mother! The same happened to my step daughter and her siblings. But they actually grew up.


14 minutes ^-^ I like the ones with puppy and with big heads xD This game have got some nice easter eggs I see :D

Thebuck 870

Hey guru I just found an Easter egg in your video. GuruKids GROCERIES 😂😂 at 7:52

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Nate Ghost

honestly i wish i was that lucky all i got for being bi was bruises and comments

Pranav Awesome300

Nigga just say it’s fake to whoever that asks here proof it works celebrity’s have a ton of fake nude pics just say that it’s one of those fake pics it’s not that hard

Jonny Easten rock

The last one