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Hector Alexander

Why there is no name of the other girl?


1:59 lol at guy in background.

Faze Donjuan

I'll eat your ads if I saw you

Sheldon Cooper vs Shaun Murphy

vickie wurtz

It wasn't every sport you missed bullriding

Rageman Jack


Herkese Paylaşırsanız Sevinirim

Denise Nelson

this made me cry... i haven't cried in two years i didnt even cry the day broke my wrist i even refused to were my brace for my wrist dont ask how stupid i am -_-

Kenworth Semi

I love dp like if you agree

Fermina Requena

completely lost it at the brave one from the day after tomorrow


White people for ya

Zapkin (⌐►_◄)

is those creeper shit for real

Jacob G

You guys should do a basketball and football challenge with Patrick mohomes and Brady

KD.GG. 77

I don't get #4

Stitch underground

I am really wondering were this is going?


Nardwuar goes sneaker shopping with Complex

Mrs. Steal yo man

YOU ARE NOT UGLY!!! Your beautiful

Jelle 078

Congratz with the 300K subs gurukid! Up to the 400K

Lucas Henderson

Where's Steph Curry?



Shaun Okane

That's really good drawing


first is is is ..... is all

Shimeka Covell -DHS- Baltimore City

Klay..Steph& KD..that's to much fire power

Soviet Doggo

I would shit my pants if this happened to me but the effects will leave a scar and I would love that scar

Meme Man Dan

My pause and play thing kept flickering to pause then play... Your thoughts @FunWithGuru ?

Phil The Dog

adults/elders react to lil peep please!!

Kid's Surprise Toys 2018

I have 3 words : that was awesome !!

Moris Zebua

whats the song? sounds lit

preslie coffman

You guys pick the best QB in the world

Garnet Matson

Ty is crazy. Team Coby all the way!

Sydney Zekiyah Concepcion

Pubg gema you

Benjamin Naderkhani

Why doesn’t England have the butter thing

Natalie H.

7:53 therapy with Anthony Padilla


Why you delete your Unfriended video? that was hilarious

Lance Salido

6:00 rip handshake hahaha

Me : both of there steaks look dry

Jignesh Mitha

I depressed af

NHL Hockey News reports

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It was like HA HA I got you and you were like BANG!!! Not today.

Ya Boi

Honestly, in the past I had a positive opinion towards open relationships but this video made me dislike them. I'm glad your mom had the boyfriend who helped you, but that man could have been your stepfather rather than just her boyfriend and having parents who are abusive. My mom had an affair on my dad when I was younger and they transformed their relationship into an open one for that reason and granted, it was different than this, but because of how they were together I would never, ever choose to be in an open marriage with kids. If things get rocky between me and my husband/wife, and they can't be fixed then I'd much rather get a divorce than join an open relationship. Out of all of the options, an open relationship is and always will be my last one, especially when kids are involved.

Azahar ali

it would be nice dan

easy e

They can make a new gay ass dancing game but we haven't had a new splinter cell in what.. 6 years?? Thats fucked up ubisoft....

Me: thinks of The Simpsons

Mouad kenway

always love the editing



Ian Tarrago Vlogs

Sidney Crosby


Throw from the top of the Empire State Building

Mr. No hands