My Mother's Wedding | Short Film | Delnaaz Irani | Sanil Gosavi | Trupti Khamkar | Ajoy Chakraborty

An emotionally broken Parinaaz is reluctant to fall in love again & take the leap of faith with marriage. Things change when Arshan (Her Son) comes into the picture to make sure his mother has her long overdue share of happiness.Starring: Delnaaz Irani, Trupti Khamkar, Sanil Gosavi, Ajoy Chakraborty, Abhishek Sharrma Written & Directed By: Sanil GosaviDirector Of Photography: Debdeep MukherjeeMusic Director: Mohit RaoEditor & Colourist: Gaurav DharmaniDigital Promotion: Digital Sukoon Follow us on Facebook Us On Twitter:

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