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Keanu Reeves: We have a city to burn.

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I love the part when Ty did the 10 million shot, it was very interesting.


How do you find the easter eggs so fast?


Imagine how many stuff they broke just for the rage monster R.I.P.

Mewn Tay

The crowd must've been a bunch of desperate 8 year olds.

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The Final one got me MIND BLOWN!!!

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Helló, ti most magyarok vagytok vagy angolok? Mert angolul beszéltek de magyarul van a cím írva és a leírás...valaszoljatok léci..... Amúgy királyak vagytok

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Britt nicole is the best with DP videos. Besides Royal Tailor

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Maia O'Callaghan

To be honest, I was waiting for an engagement ring to be hidden in the t-shirt...

Courtney Clark

Love Jen and she's such a great supporting funny friend to kristen!

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I'm glad to find this series -- it's so well done! Jargon-free, engaging stories and visuals, excellent audio. ~~thank you for sharing!