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Muslim encounters Jesus while praying to allah.THE BOOK SAM REFERRED TO: JOIN KhanMUSIC CREDITAll music rights reserved (c) to the respective owners. We do not own the rights to the songs used. Permission has been obtained from Mattie Montgomery and Citipointe Live for use."My Apology", sound recording belongs to: (00:01)MATTIE MONTGOMERY"Commission My Soul", sound recording belongs to: (09:00)CITIPOINTE LIVE"Encounter Me", sound recording belongs to: (04:00)Citipointe LiveHelp us caption & translate this video!

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GuideBeauté Jeu

Remember that black bird when using fly this is him now 5:50


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Sam Mitchell

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Crow Gaming

He said 10 cards

Mutasim Eltahir

Haha haha your grandpa died u dog

Equality, huh? :D


im sure im gonna take a walk after this



Sarah G

Congrats Caleb! Got an ad and you announced the twitch thing. Happy for you!

Wowie zowie it’s almost like you felt what lgbt teens feel daily for something they can’t change, unlike an “opinion”

jt Theibert

I was 12 back in 2013


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عبد القادر أبو سمرة


Awesome Dude

How old are you

Gunner Akku

Ty would have won it.. Let me check it out!! 😜

Dheeraj Patel


Zach Mills

Butchered that Aussie accent.

Sanofur femina

Why r there so many people who dislike the video I do not get their perspective..

Real Kingpin OG

gnars verse sucked, shoulda been quavo on a beat like this

The Exotic Guardian

Well the earth had a good run


3:16 is facke

Rajib Shrestha

make stretrotypes of ping pong also.

Richi Ávila



dont hate. it really does work.

Lachie Mayes

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XCottonX Playz

When you’re telling a epic story it sounds like your bragging but you ain’t-Snowball/Secret Life Of Pets 2


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Ching Zilabbo

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Tanushka Prakash

I know this is serious but

L'Quik Shrtz

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There's a way out of there... Man:OH HELL NAH BISH RUNS

gacha moonlight

This really BROKE MY HEART not a lie 😭😢💔

Thyne de Waal

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does the skeleton ester egg explains the the one one bestile/darksouls 2?

Potara Fusion

The baby’s probably autistic


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