Mom Was Not Home - Best of Vietnam War Films

Mom Was Not Home is an old Vietnam war movie. In the war, the mother is a soldier, often away from home in the outposts. The children at home, the older one took care of the baby, they created their own life, an exciting childhood with innocent games and happiness...➤ Director: Nguyen Khanh Du➤ Cast: Ngoc Thu – the mother, Thu Hang, Van Dung, Hong Duyen, Hong Phuong➤ Script: Nguyễn ThiBring the best Vietnamese movies, attractive and truly.➤ Subscribe for watching new video:#VietnameseMovies #VietnamWar #TopVietnamMovies

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I've made a video on every season of Black Mirror, and I have no plans to stop just yet. This show is crammed full of references, so I wanted to focus on just some favourites of mine. I'm also busy working on a very important video and needed something to put out in the meantime. I hope you guys enjoyed this video though, and thanks for watching!


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