Mind_Your_Language- No_Flowers_By_Request_ pt1.mp4

lol juan is plenty shmart see part 2 more lol

Mom: iTs ThE dAmN pHoNe, IsN't It!?

Teng Xiong

its torn now.

Henry Mitchell

Football Cody in the game looks like Ryan tannehill

dirk van den broek

Tony the type of guy to switch to full guard while having sex

And everyone one who does I hope ur having a great Yearrrr so far! 😊 Also I hope ur having a great day today! And if ur not make sure to yeet ur problems away. 👌🏻 Btw I have a small YT channel and I would love some support on reaching 16k by May! 💕 Thx everyone! 😊

kenny mayhall



lol the last bit reminds me of star wars

Swati Singh


MS 私は死にたい

4k the game looks awesome


Guess we now know where all the budget went into this game

Good video!

I’m so sorry

Perlz HB

I wish I knew who that disgusting mistress was she deserves even worse


Me: Sees title

Thomas Jeleniewski

my first name is johnny and my middle name is robert

Allan Biala

You really like Mirrors Edge, don't you?

Star. Set

Good job, Elon Musk

mauri wolf

I can actually kind of relate except Im not narcissistic or manipulative oof

chase szparagowski

I hate tyler because he will not stop wining and he did not let coby get his win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kamal mousawi

momo tahra

-like me.

Wombat Dribble

your photo makes me want to thumps it up 1000 more times, ^^

Jürgen-Madis Paat

Im weird or somebody else thinks too that mist is like a weed?😂

wyatt nelson

who doesn't


tootaly true

Ethan Knowles


Priyanka Gupta

Go 49ers!!!

Julius Gaduang

Lol battlefield loves doing dinosaur references

Guru Prasanna

Whether u people will miss the shot ?? Can u plz show some missing shots video's