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El Cid Love Theme. Performed By: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

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Barbora Eger

I don't get why she would keep the second baby if she knows its gonna suffer

Dark Mystery

I have quite familliar story but almost the whole class hated her So I as she had no friends I decided to be her friend I also had one more friends Patricia we were friends since 7 years old ( we were I were 9 she was 10) Patricia was always person who easily becomes friends with People that really hurted me becuse she was leaving me alone sometimes but I cried in back but I keept explaining myself that I cant kept a person just for myself. She also had 5 siblings and I had 2 siblings. We were totall opopsites like she had dark skin I had light skin I was sporty she wasnt sporty I was straight a student she wasnt she was always brave I was shy that was when we were younger. So when we I was 10 I meet Hannah she is really wierd loser at least thats what People tell. She was riding on scooter around my house So I invited her to play together. And that went on for week and we officialy started being friends. We I was very close with her. She was wierd I can tell she was scared of everything. BUT I thoughed I can fix her and I did a little bit. But she was that confident Type and she was extremely uncaring even If she also felt So much emotions as I did. I remeber time when my dad was drinking and my parents wanted to split up she didint even care and started dramatyzing that her Favorite clothes are dirty becuse of my game. Patricia also wasnt playing attention becuse I can tell her heart was litteraly made of Stone. I finally getted over it. In 5th grade I become thinking that I am wasting my life on learning and being Perfecf I fastly become known in school and kids liked me when I was brave friendly and more bad guy here. I also liked it. Then I had like my Golden age. My friend doesn't liked the attention they have me now. BUT she couldnt bring me down and cut my wings like she always did becuse my souldl was just filled with Happines and dont wanted to ever change. Maybe just Teachers were feeling and telling me to be myself to dont try to fit in crowd but yeah I was just myself even if nobody believed me. Some Time later my friend was copying ME i wad feeling So angry this was time when I wanted to make her pay. I am quite wierd maybe I Dont seen to but in my kind everything in world seems like just a game.. Every fame had some breakpoints and my kind sees many of theses breakpoints in others People mind So I know how to make someone suffer Hannah had So many break points So I Dont even had to snap my finger to make her hated I could guess that someday everybody will hate her I wasnt wrong 2 days later she was hated her BFF before me Juliet was very toxic and she was using her thats why I just kindly congratuleted Hannah for making her own life living HELL I thoughed that It Will be harder I had the whole take over plan done but the life did my plan itself next of my moves was there was a girl in Our school that was very greedy and she became alone she was extremely naive and Hannah was her only friend thats why I wanted to Find her other friend and life just marked it easier becuse she found herself friend. I was really confused I thoughed that Its karma for her still thats wierd for me So my whole take over plan was going great. BUT still she was hanging out with cool kids. Then was wondering how. I found out that she was helping them with homework more like Doing it for them. I telled Patricia the whole plan and first up she just seemed confused and non caring Then it became working and she was replaced with me Then she was scared of me me and always acting So caring I knew it but acted like I Dont. Cool kids really liked me instead of Hannah they were even backstabing her calling her names. She also was acting bad to them she was trying to be with boys all the time that told me one girl. So both sides were seeing her as slut. Now Its the same but Patrycja avoiids me but always is kind. Becuse she sees all crowd bulling Hannah. I Dont nothing about it becuse my mind tells me that she deserves it and It feels do Good. I am fully prepared for what will happend becuse I can guess I will have trouble with her mom. I know perfectly what should I act like and tell her. Right now I had pretty FUN time. Life is finally the Way I wanted it to be

yatin swaroop


kylo:i don't much care about corbin but he owes R15 and what does this have to do with race

GMD Corrosive

I swear yesterday night i just watched this movie and then this video popped up

Will Smith

what did you use on the football to light the match?

Music Love for fun

Man... i thought this is how Harry Potter got his lightning bolt. Then i read the first book.... (IM SORRY HP FANS)

Shark Learner

This is going to be cool

Da Stupid Bunny

I didn't know that our little green haired boi had such a... bad childhood.... but hey! That you have your love life with you I hope you will get better or you already have gotten better! And moved on!


i like these, but man do they get dark lol xD

Cesar Muñoz

on the chest of the CD behind says battlefield put to call of duty ghost to cry

Me: Wait that’s illegal Not a soul:

Stephen Berry

Dude perfect, can I do a video with you?


Work by Rihanna!


Sully Naseem

Well I don't know if I'm proud or disappointed in the UK right now

Taekook is REAL

My cousin died at the age of 17 because of a lung problem... but I couldn’t help because she didn’t tell anyone.... my uncle smoked and he died after her cuz he was my cousins dad and he fell into depression and died of smoking.... I’m literally crying my eyes out because I can relate to this so much it hurts... 😭

Mario Sanchez

A ball room so coby code sink


Looks like a mini nuke

#21 Australia


9:34 how did you find it?


if i was in that same situation....i wouldn't be able to comment right now :/

Lui Monta

He probably was on a car for that affect. Lol

Kylze Da bosss

How much do you think they spend on Rage Monster every stereotype video?

JLynn cj

Flamin arrows


My favorite was the pinata busters and then the one after that where Tyler gets juked out.

Alex Potato

This is my childhood, and its still going...

Enzo França

Aí po e Brasil

You sexy beast!

Mikaylyn/Pink Fan


Guru, you know better than this.

Faith A

It’s funny how Austin and Catherine didn’t notice when Alaia threw up on the phone 😭😂