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Dad: I can't believe u thought I cheated on ur mom, that u think so little of me

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Amazing. Thanks for being an inspiration! You actually turned my life around

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Coby you can do it

كوربيكا زودليك

احبكم ❤🙏

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The fuck was the last one

I mean, French people kiss each other to say 'Hello' ._.

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I love this channel nonetheless.

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The selfie shot was fake

tiny umbrella family

I wish I was in a mental hospital because I was like you but my mom doesn't know

Nymphara Lumpin

Ya but like I tried to tell my mom about my depression but she said every teen exaggerates like that and I shouldn’t even act like I have it. I’ve even tried to get diagnosed but my mom refuses to let me.

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These men finna kill us all! 😨

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The cat's name is moose


Song was terrible

Never gets angry.... wish l could have a mom like that...

I like your art works... also gray: interrupts e 4 times

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Dude Perfect is AWESOME!

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"If you were to go anywhere in the world where would it be" (Starts showing nature places) hhmm I'd probably go back to N and Out 😂

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I love you nwn



4:58 The world would end as we know it, if that movie were ever released in real life.


#YIAYjob Well, that's obvious. Erin is Batman during the day. I mean, Batman is only Batman at night. Someone's got to do it.


Happy birthday

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Why’d his hair color change, I was so confused for a second lol

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Are they going to finally explain why the fck a child was "cursed" with ice powers?They kinda glossed over that in movie 1 ...


Hey? Can i lay on your bed? It looks comfty tho 😅

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Dat ending title tho. May they rest in peace.

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WHO is watching in 2018

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Yet another good reason to play Apex Legends

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Dude perfect and odlebecm

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No bogus shit the best part of the song is lil skies😂🤷🏽‍♂️

It was actually their dad breaking into their house just to kill the uncle for sleeping with his wife

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This video wasnt only a minute long, dislike. Quiero estar a tu lado, me tienes desesperado (Oh oh)