MARSHALL'S IN TROUBLE! Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower, Rescue Mission & Puzzle Toy Learning Video

Learn colors and numbers with the Paw Patrol.First we'll put together the Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Toy and learn about some of the colors of the pieces.Next, we'll help the Paw Patrol go on a mission to help save Marshall.Marshall wanted to put together some Paw Patrol puzzles, but got trapped in the process.Oh no!That's ok though. Thanks to the Periscope in the new Paw Patrol My Size Lookout tower, Chase sees that Marshall's in trouble and needs help.He calls for help using the pup pad and Rubble, Skye, Zuma, and Rocky are on their way.Once they free Marshall, they'll help him put together the puzzles and learn the numbers that are on the backs of the pieces.There are FIVE puzzles in total!Help us put them together! :DPlease SUBSCRIBE for More Videos!Kid & Toddler Videos for Learning ColorsKid & Toddler Videos for Learning NumbersKid & Toddler Videos for Learning AnimalsPlay Doh VideosKids' Surprise Toy VideosKids' Lego VideosCREDIT:Night at the Dance Hall by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Mk Gmz

The last one is the best 😂😂🤣

Sofi Muller

i honestly skip through the eyeshadow swatches at this point cuz i already know they’re gonna be good

El señor mister Red X

I loved the ending, bruh.

having funzie

I like adidas than puma


Gru how do u even find out about all the Easter eggs

Firdous Broadway


Miguel Zagal

Hey out there by the tent, maybe I'm wrong but isn't another Reference the tribal warrior scream, from Turok: Rage wars.

Joanchelo Christiaan

hoes waching in 2017

Whiip Chu



2:34 iT wAs An IpHoNe


whoever u are, you are so strong

Leinad R.

"First watchable video game movie?" What about Hitman? The first movie was good. Same for the first bloodrayne movie. No hyper-budget movies, but still not bad

Debbie Taylor

Stephen curry

Vice Velocity

Where did you learn to edit your videos because honestly it makes me super hard.

Ashlee Gacha

I want more spoilers! So that i cant waste money on buying cinema tickets

Liviah A. La Pastina

I know all this shit from like second grade and I’m not even American lmao

Mahia Coombs

5:39 pretty much me losing a any game

Luigi Parker

7:42 this purple hoser is killing me 😂

Mado's Beats



14:15 I actually had one of these, and it worked really well!


I always find the easter eggs in old school games to be some of the coolest.

Tanner O'Neal

Wow. Sounds like every other song from this genre

Dinky Gaming

for me birth wasn't just the worst part.. after having an epidural fail 6 trys and the baby decides to come out.. after birth i couldn't stand up anymore.. holes in my back hurt like hell.. 3rd degree tear in my lady parts meant going toilet was a nightmare what with the holes in my back as well... nit just this i had to have injections in my stomach everyday for 6 weeks after to stop blood clots arising.... its true though how they say u forget... 3 kids later and i remember well enough to say hell no more

Zemoura Anis

3 millions in less then 48 hours congrarulations we ma really grew up atiny


Pam Gacha

I’m the butter popcorn girl😂

Isac Novais Pereira

Vocês não só de uma p***


Rip Panda 4:07And what's that random car in the back? Who knows.

Khylle De Castro


Anas Sandhu

Which plane they use..?

Spools FamilyTV

Also Tyler looks...AWESOME

Jacob Garretson

The musical score in this trailer will haunt my nightmares, but I can’t stop listening to it. It is full of discordant notes, but somehow that makes it work better for these scenes

Maya Grzadzinski


Itz joe

It’s rigged ty always wins

jonathan espinoza



Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

I wanna kick those bullies in the nuts

El Oriana



Great work. I really do love your videos. The way they are put together along with the music is very soothing. Peace.


Ek US ke loundo ko dekho mouz masti kar kar k paise kama rahe rahe.....or Ek hamara pyara bharat desh hai 🤔

Lizzy Glittersalad

Wowey 😧

Sreedhar gajula

Tyler will win or gargett

Melissa Nelson

John-Claude 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Panic! AtThe21ChemicalBoys


there is no "I can't"

red mercury

somehow i cant help thinking that school pushed a little too hard. first they haul her into the office to ask her about it (which is fine) but then they thrust her into the counselors office and call her parents. that part i would have left up to the student. i know they think they are helping but they arent. they should have just left it alone after they hauled the jerk into the office and made her tell them what he did to her. they should have disciplined the boy and left it at that. if she wanted to see a counselor about it, that should have been her decision. not the schools. and calling her parents should have definitely been left up to her. sexual harassment is humiliating. just because they are just kids doesnt mean they dont know how to feel embarrassed. they treated this girl like she was a procedure....not a human child. i had to face the same thing when i was in middle school but it definitely wasnt treated like this. my shop teacher was a guy. he saw this student sexually harass me right in the middle of class. i had no idea he had even seen it. he stopped me after class. i had never seen him this pissed off before!! he said "did he touch you?" of course i said yes. he then said "it isnt right that he did that! you dont have to put up with it." then he asked me if i wanted him to report it. and i said yes. so the next day my shop teacher snatched him up right in the middle of class in front of everyone. i dont know where they went but i never saw the kid again. i was very shy. i had no idea anyone paid any attention to me. but teachers have good eyes for all types of student shananigans. this left me feeling confident in myself. i will always be thankful to my teacher for this. anyway, it wasnt messy at all. i didnt have to talk about it to anyone. i didnt have to call my dad. it was very painless. but this girls school....its like they were trying to make it as difficult for her as they possibly could for her for the sake of procedure and not for student. fuck that...

Joshua Carbonell

Isn't this this the DoA song

The Hutch

Hey I went to Utah Olympic Park during the summer. Sad they couldn’t go on the alpine slide there. Or I might be thinking of a different park, which is possible

Ryan McCarthy

4:15 I think 47 just murdered Ernie. I guess Bert got tired of his shit.