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Mani Nageshwari is a Odiya Film released in 1995 Directed by Bijay Bhaskar Starring Odiya Superstar Siddhanta Mahapatra, Debu Bosh, Mihir Das, Snigdha Mohanty, Sadhana Parija, Bina.



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Five Gates

What's your take on it Guru? I personally didn't like the season. It was well written of course but I don't think it's great. A lot of it were wholesome now and it took away what a lot of people were looking into it for; the fear of technology and its horror in the world. That's not to say Hang the DJ wasn't a good episode though. Meanwhile, Arkangel was fucking trash, what was Jodie Foster thinking on that, not to mention "she's 15" but looks 28 smh. Metalhead was pretty basic, and Crocodile had little to do with technology, and the entire season overly relied on the memory temple chip as a means of progressing the story forward. IDK, after BM became more mainstream, Charlie Brooker made the show easier to understand, I use to watch BM and listen closely to dialogue and/or the background because it foreshadows or is being brought back later on as important but now I can watch the entire thing and feel like I didn't miss a thing. and on the topic at hand, now this season is over, what's your updated top 3 favorite episodes? in order preferably! my favorite of all time is The Entire History of You. this season alone, probably Black Museum, but everyone loved it to be fair


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The Penguins Of Madagascar (2004)

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