Making an Aquaterrarium with two flowing waterfalls【滝の飛沫を再現したい】 - YouTube

Instagram60×30×36】I divided the water with a T-shaped pipe and tried making two waterfalls. I incorporated a mist maker into the high and large waterfall to reproduce splashes.#Aquaterrarium #Paludarium

Kay Jay

"I'll give you the foot print to lead the way" said Howie, so touching. Team Joseph this season for me 👐👐

ZombCraft Dace

This looks like a brave and frozen crossover


Asif Mohamed


Stefan Trunic

Hahahaha my birthday is on the 28th March

Jennifer Serna

welcome to Cleveland johnny


Coby should do intros/stuff more often

Barbara Espinoza

Movie ends at 1:34 Credit Scenes: Elsa will return.

Ciel Kai

I freakishly love the story but fuck the girl... i dont like her personality

Fishingfool Forlife



I never realized this was made on my birthday lol

LPS Psychotix

im sorry maybe i dont get this but if they say everylife is priceless it shoudlnt matter if your broke or not the doctors should still save the life if you can or cant pay for it

Susan Adams

Do jordy Nelson next please

Iago Alonso Alonso

You got me with this 03:01 - 03:03 Thanks again for an amazing video :)


scary room= not scary or creepy

Dipper Pines

toyota hilux 1978 space ship

Da Fox

It’s definitely Elon Musk

666 Noel

Man I Wanna Slap Her Mouth So Bad

Christy Laquindanum

Religion , beliefs gives me massive HEADACHE

Walker #19660

Chad was in the knight suit.

Edit: woow you guys r so sweet

Aj Legaspino

Longest dunk in the world

Bts 4 Life

Jim... In??? Jimin ??

Null Nullion

I don't remember that mission from Black Ops....

TAKE MY $MONEY$!! My chihuahua Rosie, is currently trying to eat my toe nail clippings 🙄

siv anand

Meanwhile I don't even have a Xbox

Atomic *BOOM*

It June 2018 and I just found the video? I’ve been looking for this for 3 years!

5. GTA 4 (DLC)

Micahel -Paul Awunor

The lore behind these nessy toys was that one of the titanfall devs children died mid development and since nessy was there favorite toy the devs put it in the games as an Easter egg for their child

0:12 right handed

Gothic Cholo98

Omg Wayne's world

nathan waller

Guru I would take your babies <3

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Viet sub :))

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Will you subscribe to my video.Its Owen hughey

B. A. R. S.