Main Hoon Ziddi (Ziddi) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Prajwal Devaraj, Aindrita Ray - YouTube

Krishnakumar (Prajwal) is a studious and talented boy who comes to Bangalore bowing to his family’s wish of becoming his village’s best engineer. His manners and talents captivate the entire college and attract the notice of Sudhir (Tilak), the local gangster’s younger brother, who has set his sights on Sahana (Aindrita), a police officer’s daughter. Sudhir thinks Krishna is after Sahana but Krishna’s heart is already with Shreedevi (Aishwarya Nag), back in the villageMovie:- Main Hoon Ziddi (Ziddi)Star Cast:- Prajwal Devaraj, Aindrita Ray,Aishwarya NagMusic By:- Giridhar DiwanDirected By:- R Anantharaju#MainHoonZiddi #LatestHindiDubbedMovies #RKDDigital #PrajwalDevarajMovies #SouthIndianMovies------------------------------------------------Enjoy and stay connected with us!!☛ Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel:-Like us on Facebook:- Follow us on Twitter:- Circle us on G+: Visit Our Website:


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Rebecca Redican

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