Main Hoon Khuddar (Allari Ramudu) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Jr. NTR, Arthi Agarwal, Gajala, Nagma - YouTube

Ramu, a servant falls for the beautiful daughter of his mistress, Chamundeshwari, who is a business tycoon. After discovering Ramu's feelings for her daughter, Chamundeshwari tries to separate them.Movie :- Main Hoon Khuddar (Allari Ramudu)Starcast :- Jr. NTR, Arthi Agarwal, Gajala, NagmaDirected By :- B. GopalMusic By :- R. P. Patnaik#MainHoonKhuddar #AllariRamudu #JrNTR #ArthiAgarwal---------------------------------------For More MoviesSubscribe:@Us OnFacebook:@

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