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Bond vs James vs James Bond


I lost it at the DUANE part. Really awesome!

EZ Gamer05

Poor mary

mostyn hanger

listen at 1.25 speed


I can’t tell you how many times this voice actor has said it broke my heart

Mutt’s Animations

“ i hope my parachute opens ”

Aurora Sylvia

OMG this is bullycide this happens to many people and they didn’t survived😞

tmid 99999


Kiko Mohammad

She kind of reminds me of Robin from How I met your mother

Rachel Yost

Cody is a


What i feel right now is.. No one ever care to me.. I mean just a simple question make me feels better.. But no one does.



This is better than sex.

Kamypon 45

Americans play fifa but not the actual sport football (soccer)

Adrian Daniel

Tiny rubber hands will always make me uncomfortable.

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Plz do other trick shots besides ty


What was the song used during the JC3 EE? Or was that default and actually in the game?

Awesome Jello

Can I have a dog?😃

Denny yu

0:28 why he so so sweaty

Abhiraj Agnihotri

You look like an old tom cruise

Aun Ali

I think you guys should do a sports mix battle, in which there's like a combination of sports. Say like you hit a football with a baseball bat into a basketball hoop. Also I think you guys should make a basketball game video in which you play a game of pick-up basketball.

Me later: "Why is there a ceremony for their breakup?" It is easy to say “leave him”, it’s harder to actually do it. Every single thing in my life keeps me next to him.

Robbie Wright

I am so sorry gare

glowwy 54

these kids are in the 8th grade already doing inappropriate things (I'm just talking about the boy)

Gottlieb Elend

The first one was fucking stupid. Not only it's an easter egg intended for ONE person, it takes shitload of actions to achieve! It's even offensive how many bullshit you must go through to see a... heart-shaped blood, WTF?!

Pokemon news: Braking news, 10 million people have died from a giant Pokemon battle...

Olli Aulner