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Blake Hebert

Cory didn’t necessarily pick himself. The other guys just didn’t pick him

anessa jory

You guys should film with softball athlete Lauren chamberlain

Morgan Woolford

I also think that when Lex pushed Lois off of the helicopter landing platform may have been a reference to the first superman movie when Lois falls out of a helicopter and superman catches her

Jeremiah Bailly

What's brown and sticky. A stick.

Len Frantora

I just realized that they're wearing ballguards...


Jesse Steijn

4:55 porn in the background

CoRp QaUd

This is what you do when u have no more content no hate at all

Felicity Bateman

What is your xbox account name

Chase Hogan

TOM BRADY 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐


Left 4 Futurama


Her: Stares in disbelief

Lanya Sanders



I love the way y'all actually think these stories are real I mean dmthe same people use their voice for the stories and if you say that's what the people telling the story said so you think k the people who want to share the story would type it out

Dominic Kowalski

anyone else see the soviet flag/star on the steel door he knifed?

Strike lord

Ty just killed nature

Rage Diamond Comics

Vobu i have always been on your team.Never give up

Shawn Rocha

This is a very special moment for us... hey lets videotape it and post it on youtube for money.. fuckin mediawhores

Tiara Prameswari


La chaîne de Marvelous

He drop Santa Claus 😢

Her: 5:51

Toprak Eren 62

Hello turkiye

Daddeh c:

I am an introvert...

Colonel Rauch

2:56 His record is actually 25-3, not 26-3. Also, he finished 20 of his 25 wins.

Giustino Redondo

Threading the needle. The best accurate throw that requires accuracy , speed, and prediction

Иларион Кутишенко

чо? пачиму па анелікаму?

TaeNy's Child

Tbh i ignored my bullies and told teachers but they're useless, the only time the bullying stopped is when I stood up for myself by punching him many times infront of everyone. Learn to stand up for yourself, don't let bullies make you their slave


Me and my bully in 3rd grade became bestfriends....

Paulina Jóźwiak

Interview anexiety

Cally Randa

I so wish I could do that


there's also one when making your character or changing him at the plastic surgery place. the reference is the goatee which is called the door knocker. this is a reference to breaking bad.


sigh, you sir, are an idiot.


Michael Gonnerman


Sly Cooper

I love sly cooper and plus every time I look at sly I always think he has blue feet it's so funny and I wonder how does it feel to put that clothes is it uncomfortable or is he too skinny I think if I was sly I would think this clothing squeeze me allot I don't and plus thanks for the video.


if ethan gets another robo vacuum i would dieeee laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Lexie Guillory

Downhill Snow Bowling 🎳

moodie cakes

This is fake!


As a rusher through the game i mostly never find stuff like these. I do enjoy them tho

Tony Cowgill


HB 10

Lebrun James stereotypes was mr jumpy

г &👁🤭

Eric Jaquillard

gta 5 Michael I herd it gta5 lie

Feesa Ruslan

Ethma is real, just saying.

Hayley Rae

Cody: what’s the budget?