[Love the way you lie/Guys don`t like me/None of my business] [GLMV`s] - YouTube

Yay Remake "Guys dont like me"Sorry :

no name


Suunoz Play

Dylan iss supeltktndkldldld awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thats like 109383830955893938579504924849956837395874729 x awesome


All my family was sick, i want to be sick tooo

Armando Cruz


Kristin Tremblay


Btw can i get 100 subs?


Escalator king

Hayden Isaacs

Why can’t they use music like this in their videos now

Norman Smalls

this thing is gonna get vaulted in fuckin 2 days cause epic games always trpi'n

Mauricio Nd

Guru when you reach 700k subs will you do a Q&A video?

Flash =red

Aryanna Hansen


Ulrik Jebsen

I want that teacher


@thefyeist1 Idk its your descision but the only real difference is that the map packs come out a month earlier

Noah Kuhn

October anyone 2018 or after


The face on the book at 1:26 reminds me of the Com Truise album "In Decay"

Juanis Reyes

Can i have nerf bow blaster

Garou iDye

Guru rarely post a video, but when he does it's always worth the wait. :)

Coconut Cream

omg that just no

Suresh Bullet

hi do with beyblade


Coby don't pick Duke anymore


Miguel Hernandez

1.The twins2. Tyler and Garrett 3.Luke and Cody

Ryan Philip

they is hockey too


Title: The word no made me into a billionaire


I have turned back and play the whole COD series few times already. I have never done that with Battlefield. COD is so much more iconic game series than Battlefield.

Osmin Miranda

You are just like my mom she escaped her country I can't tell how but she did escape

Julia Victoria

Pulls out fork and knife

Joseph Drane

The music luck from halo 3 ugh chillssss.

Your videos are a work of art and music that keeps a gleeful smile on my face everyday.

Noor Thaer


Nutella Nat

this is why I have 2 big dogs, 1 medium sized dog, and 4 little cute dogs. But they all behave well, so I am never to busy to do any other stuff. And I am never too busy for them.


Hockey Stereotypes

Still i didn,t cry i had a glass dog it was white with purple dots,my grandmother was gonna throw it in the trash but i sayd it was still beautiful and if so a little broken i,ll ceep it!

Sujal Thakur

Clash royale on vr plzplzplzplz