Love Is Blindness

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Theory, CS, L4D, Portal, and HL take place in the same universe. Portal takes place during CS and HL. CS is about a civil war between the humans. l4D takes place after HL and the world is mostly back to normal after the combine got defeated. Put the combine launched the green flu as a bio weapon to destroy the rest of the human so they can take over the planet!

Roger Taylor


Clorox Bleach

I have Contamination OCD as well. I got disnosied with it today.. Contamination OCD is a terrible thing, it's like you think out of nowhere did I touch this? What if It was infected? I start praying quick and cleansing my body with holy water to clean my body. But the thought doesn't go away!

Finley Hancy

hart worming

Phillip Dalton


guasca negra

El próximo REMIx con zion .. Ese será otro temazo

Milesthewolf meme23

Her:he had red hai--


I love you forever for using that Daydreaming cover in the beginning.

boof boo

Lil skies is the best part of the whole vid

fire vlogs


Kate Cupp

Grayson is literally so perfect


So, if game developers put their pictures into their products that's called "cool easter egg". If a baker put his picture into a bread, that's called sicko perversion.

Marco M

7:18 I know I’m posting this in 2019 but that’s really how it be over here


Questions below

FaZe Gators


Jan Marshall

Name is going to be panda

nice video as always btw


GARET is going to win.

Umer The Clumsy Tube

I thought Tyler would sayBut you would never break my penisHe said spirit btw

Fluttershy Reacts

Mary: cuts herself

Susan Tube

Hey man ever heard of cry? He's a pretty cool gamer as well. Oh oh

Ethan Linklater


Silver Veskimeister

Why is being gay a problem

Aidan Linehan

Congrats on 1 million subs

Looked alot like the Kraken sinking the small tradeship


This video is the nba in a nutshell 😂😂😂

Gold XD

Fortnite Gamer

Wow I could never barely touch my phone I need it for calling and texting and games

Kohlton Miller

The ghost train is pretty dope


Her: Stares in disbelief

Mean Green Slitheen

You really like SWTOR huh?

Police: ....

• KCIV •

Situation I am still in with a friend.