Love At First Meeting

I love 7C!

Даниил Плоский


I have no clue Idk

A:) ;) :/


Kansas City Royals! #ForeverRoyal

Tia Fae

One size fits all....but also it's a 2



Parvathi's Kitchen


Big G


l l

Great video! I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of these. You should be much bigger.

Nopenopenope. Don't blink, Geralt. And run.


how do you use the hacker without the p.e.s on ?

Zuzka Mlčochová

Round two Will So funny XD

Nagato Samuel

1:35 LOL Nice dress XDDD

Army 2013

CONGRATS!! there is a chuck norris NPC


Thats why you should wear a swimsuit instead of a .... what did you expect? Once my friend wanted to join my swim training, it’s extrem hard, you have to push your limits and bla bla and she just showed up in a bikini... wth.

Sheldon Spl

Naruto would eat that alone

Charles Mellowes

What is TYs shot is it lonso

13 715

Like from Russia!P.s.We are hate Putin


This is just awesome, good work

You are very lucky,and by the way thanks for the video

Bagus Faris


Natalie Roche

Sik vid

nick the whale boss

i cried when watching

Nate Miller

Knife throwing but safer

Marisol Buico

Congulations Garrett for a new baby

Wiley McCullers

I was born to a seventeen year old mother and she was only seventeen at the time


Please review the Jaw Breaker Collection! Please 🤞🏽 It looks so gorgeous!


Minecraft: when you Spawn a Villager and Spawn in him a Lightningbolt he morphs Into a with!

Best way to find dank memes and get dic pic’s.


Whenever they set up their own pins outside of an actual bowling alley, the pins are way closer together than normal, making a strike so much easier.

Kelley Relkoff


XxTreem Tv

Who hate james.great heart!



Erika Dianne Canillo

hey minutevideos how long did u done ur draw

Sanissa Mohan

I agree with Matt about the dad joke…lol


Their down in DFW area I know cause I have a house down there

Gi Army

Jungkook 💕kookie 💓🐰 💗cooky 🍀i love you 🍀🍀💗💓😊💓😊🌈💓🌷💗😊💓🌷💗😊💗🌷😊💓🌷🌷💓😊💗🌷💗🌈💗🌷💗🌈💗🌷🌈💗🌷💗🌈💗🌷💗🌈💗🌷🌈💗🌷💗😊💓🌷💓🌈💗🌷💗😊💗🌷💓😊💗😊💗😊💗🌈💗💕😊💗💕💗🌈💗💕💗🌷💕💗💗🌈💗🌷💗💕🌷💗💕💗💗😊💗💕💗🌈💗💕💗🌈💗💕😊💗🌷💗🌈💗💕💗🌈💗💕💗🌈💗🌷🌈💗💕💗🌈💗🌷💗🌈💗💕🌈💗💕💗🌈💗🌷💗😊💗🌷🌈💗💕💗😊💗😊💗🌷💗🌈💗💕💗🌈💗💕😊💗💕💗🌈💗💕💗🌈💕💗🌈💗🌷💓🌷🌷💗🌈💗🌷💗🌈💗💕😊💓🌷🌈💗🌷💗🌈🌈🌈1🌷🌷🍀🍀

ravi anand

0:17 you can see all the tire marks from previous attempts

Yuyu Sanpai

4:00 😅😅 I wondered did he noticed that

Big Slimm

Whoa! Ibaka just shocked the hell out me with the Spanish! 🤪

Jeanette Gonzalez

Why didn't you just adopted...?


I have played through bio shock 1 should I get bio shock 2 or wait for infinite?

Anthony Rybka

Let me OD this person on elephant tranquilizers then send them to the er because they couldnt sleep. Good doctor real good.


Let's go bowling!

Its unicornz

on counter strike nexon zombies on a certain map with a mansion if you go under the map you can find the credits and stuff check it out !!! :D

You know, the Designers really thought it through, I mean come on, They did a really good job on this and...


I think I might start playing XBOX again

Gar You Out Now

What happened when the chicken crossed the road, it died sike it attacked tyler nothing likes you Tyler sike again Tyler is the best at trick shots

Victoria Teylan

everyone's shouting. is that how rich people bond together ?


That is awesome chef. My wife came down with cancer nearly two years ago and I have added several different cooking channels to my list to get better at cooking and I must say this is one of the most entertaining and by far the most palate pleasing series of cooking shows that I have seen thank you so much. I am working on cooking some of your recipes and oh by the way my wife and I are both from Southern California I was there for 25 years and we both met here in the southeast after living there I could tell about your backyard you're from Southern California thank you once again one more thing a promise if and when we come back I will visit your restaurant not not tacos looking forward to it

Who knows what can happen

Lisa Haynes

The Milk Jug Blaster should have been called Milk Jug Slider.

Đhouha Dougjfkfkfkfk

My grandpa died 3 years ago I got over it after a day I feel so bad