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Jespy Playz

Where’s garret we miss him

Beth-ann Hathaway

what a waste😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


Ubisoft : Rainbow Six Quarantine Trailer

Camilla Romero

this video gives me confidence to step uhp for whats right 💪🏾💪🏾 #girlpower girls can win too ! boys aren’t stronger then us !!


People called legacy of Goku shit but I loved that game as a kid and I still do and damn the soundtrack is golden especially for a gameboy it's to bad I haven't heard from the composer raditz theme was my favorite and snake way was also

Rent Plenty

Hope it’s not so fucking big LMAO it will be though

nick nickerson

It is still used in CH-47 "Chinook" helicopters fielded by the US military

Aleka Gamer 123

I hate it when people say "u have to be skinny to be beautiful" its not true ur beautiful just the way u are! I am a REALLY REALLY Positive I always say I'm perfect and alot of people say that I think I'm better than them when to me i know I'm better than them!

gaming is my life


Mali Scáth


John Kimmel

I'm good. Played this seven years ago.

Lobo mobo

Osama bin laden: my children are learning

Murali Pedavalli

Can I have your autograph dude perfect

Shemar Gayle

I had ty

Mom: I'm tanning calm yo self

Jay C

You know what’s funny? That lady in the blue button up shirt next to the guy that got kicked out is the same one that was mocking lebron with the cry baby face thing lol bet nobody noticed that


The DOOM ones are fucking brilliant.

1.the yellow painting above the stereo system. Zoom in with your phone,look closely,it says OG Loc.

Joey Dolan

This was clearly staged

Jalyn mortimer

Tht panda bust his ass 🐼🐼🐼🐼

stillin utero

5:10 cant see shut but look cool af

bcoz i fell like do

Alex Lawrence

Same thing happened to my Mum.

Seth Tomcaak

I live in flint Michigan

Aquarius Gem

The girl is a bitch

Enry Cabello

This are real fighters.

Kofi Asafo-Agyei

How long did the second trick shot take to get to the goal??

Santiago Perdomo

1:17 the ayuwoky

If you have any recommendations for clips I could use, let me know!

Edit: it’s sarcasm btw

Elisha Jane Cagbabanua

It was so amazing



Roxy the gamer king

The cats name is panda and also how do the cats use the bathroom

FazeBeast Kid

I HATE ads

Exsplosive Nut

Almost 27k subs, and he got 1.3m views

Assassin193 Gaming

Whats the name of the game


2019 anyone?

_Kcninja _

I’m so happy you where able to fight through your troubles and are now living a normal happy life. This experience shouldn’t happen to no one especially not someone as kind as you. I hope you and your sisters lives keep on getting better and better.