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What Do You Use To Record PC Games?


now I understand why noob said its a dinosaur game


Colors R Real, duh

#YIAYjob she has to run on the giant hamster wheel to power your camera and computer

Seth Burke

i dont get how that was a 10,000,000 points

adolf hitler

Just be goodlooking bro/sis

SaiMong Oo

No happy gilmore??

Kate Balkwill

Go go go Coby

Battlefield: COD


Natasha Malik

I've been there before and my mum knows about it(also im an asian which means this situation is a part of stages in HELL).it happens 2 years ago but the suffers last till now :'( and sometimes i got suicide thought but im glad that i got a friend that i can rely on shes there when i needed her the most,shes also give me strength since me and my mum not in a good term which is really makes my life worse but its ok, the point is,to whoever currently in this situation,please know you are not alone and everything will be fine.its sure will leave a scar but it will keeps u from doing the same mistakes:).(sorry if there's mistakes on my grammar or whatsoever hehehh my English is not so well and im suck at telling this kind of thangss.heheh i usually does not leave comment but i got bored due to cant go to sch cuz im late.(school start at 6.50am and i woke up at 6.37am and now is 8.04am ahhh sorry again for messing this comment section with my dumb dumb sucks thts it bu-bye)

marshall tchuck

you guys are amazing 😍

PeiPeiPlayz 24

Game of Thrones ? Nah

heidi garbo

panda is the tall guy

It’s Free Real Estate

Who the hell names their kid absence?

duyen my

888. 111

Shadow Aishi Hyde

"The government of the U.S decided to take our happiness"

wolf girl

i do not get #7


and then I passed out

Felix Ruiz

Tv stereotype s

Cameron McKelvey

Thanks for providing us with all of this information, it is very helpful.

John Blue

This video had to take like 4 years to make.

Maguicat 0

In portugal


this will be the first battlefield game i've ever bought



Doctor Pestilence

Interview bacteria please!!

Cricket Rep

:3 what's up!!!!!!!!!

Nur Aini

I just got goosebump 🤣 im sooo thrill to watch the movie

ThomThom Simoneau



2:22 Nathan Drake :)

ihate burgerš

23 bounces

Kayla Joyce

Downloads app for 18+

Hannah McBride

Well this got really stupid


It mustve taken 100 tries lol


I don't know why she's getting mad at him, when the entire thing was her fault, to begin with.


Why don't you do the gaming in overtime

Serge Olchowec

Pointless. The second best Toronto player can & will be better than KD tonight . That's how the raps roll this season. No stopping it man . I know shocking!

jest st

Song ?

Spookie Tokes

Its crazy i thought especially after game 1 history would repeat itself

Colton Cox

4:50 go cats aka my state

Dale .w

no it's the end of the myan calender (not sure how to spell it) thus creating the rumor of the end of the world, ubisoft used this date as the end of the world too meaning both are references that

Kelly Menear

i found the first easter egg bfore with my friend. we almost wet ourselves laughing:)

Chandler Jezøwski

billy the puppet/jigsaw (saw movies) vs. annabelle

Haley Brown

He likes me in pain?something like that 😂


ok first of all he is the panda because we never saw him whoever thinks that like if you dont comment


I’m excited for the new fashions.

Omar Aswad

very inspring


1:40 Godzilla confirmed

big doohan

Tachanka : "Let them come"

Christian Stewart