Lego Jackpot Winner Fail

is a funny Lego Stop Motion Animation Film.Music: Youtube Audio Library

Jana A.M

Who made youtube


Toxic Vortex334

Canelo all the way

Thais Johannsen



Guru, I love how you do all of your videos, they're very satisfying for every minute I watch. It's relaxing and always has my full attention, keep up the great work man!

JoweeMan_TIB (The TIB's Bro)

he said it was a spork but its actually a spoon

Come see


I thought I would share and Easter egg with you guru, if you play on the map Hollywood heights, if you got to the fountain out in the front of the mansion the statue in the middle is the ark from dead space


Marbles makes me want to actually wear those shirts-

Jaden ****

What type of effect do you want

Queen Emily

In the first one I see you pickup a Webley revolver at the fridge, this is probably a reference to that Ford actually used one in the third movie.

Ryan Schroeder

I cant watch it

Owen Roach

I’m a activity guy

Annie Griffin

I see Becky G, I click


February 2019 like if so

joshua cirino

@AkXboxEinstieN on operation metro next to the playgroung slide i think it has two flags on top is better to see it if you play on rush


Панду уебали, жалко!)))

luis yep

este no canta aulla como un perro y pinche letra de mierda , pobre juventud q escucha esta porqueria

Brandon De Ruiter

he never talks but when he does it's realy funny lol

Valentino Cataneo


Jameson Ladd

I think your next trick shot video should be Bouncy Ball Trick shots

Ade Adebanjo

oh what you white guys can do with balls!

Ulwaan Ibrahim

Red team is win go kart soccer


How cute she look like a younger version of my grandmother

I got a like on my comment...

juanita de la o gimenez

Dios mio k es esto


2019 anyone?

Ryan Rapini

this is photoshopped. i can tell from the pixels and from seeing many shoops in my time

Jarred Krammer

Thanks for the jumpscare warning! Much appreciated! :)

I guess they are from EA 🤭🤐

Oniix Windrunner

i hope this game game has dynamic dismemberment for that extra touch of realism

I’m kinda overweight than most people and I’m scared if my crush calls me fat when I confess.....

ryan nielson



I LOVE the way you do your videos. so crisp and easy to watch. much love, Guru

Bryant Dope

I got mah code but it wont let me redeem it


Who else just watched top ten facts by lemino


Panda is so crazy

I didn't know what to write

Sports,hunting,fishing . Jake epps


David Olmedo

What happened with ur climate vids?


0:40 LOL!

CrushCup Series

Ricky turned into carl edwards

10% of other comments: "I feel so bad for her! This is so sad!"

Spectral Domino

When you have Asian parents


This is a bit like jaiden animations

I've been in a mental hospital, and... Who thinks that mental hospitals are like films?? - You found her !

capitaine f minecraft


john smith

so much fake!! i want to drink bleach!!