LEGO Cars and Trucks Experemental Steamroller Police, Fire truck, tractor, dump truck Video for Kids

Video for kids about lego toys. New series with experemental cars and trucks like fire engine, steamroller police car, concrete mixer tractor, police truck and van.Funny stop motion animation.


2:09 umm he's looking in a mirror


when you create this channel did you even think you will have a big community ? and how many money you spent to buy all the games that you need to make your videos ? oh and a kiss from France ;)

USA: Let’s build a wall!!

soja naveen

my friends dad had trigeminal neuralgia aot fans: 😏

tiny weee

It got cringy af when they started doing the high pitched voices

kevlar kevin

Love the Jesus music in the background 😁😁😁. Love knowing these guys know the Lord and use their platform to spread the Spirit. Whether people know it or not! These guys do!

Matthew Christian Hansel Budhiono primaryschool

the panda has a knife on his hand then he run away really fast!


So basically they are swingers

Jessie Branham

Dylan you are amazing! Don't let anyone tell you different! <3


those Chicago pussys don't know anything about sportsmanship. Who the fuck boos the winner and cheers the loser like that. They both deserve the cheers. The reality is Cerrone had a panic attack. The same panic attack had with RDS and Nate Diaz, two fighters he should have beaten but the moment was too big for him. Cowboy is a fraud. Look at that fake performance he gave Joe Rogan. He was laughing and joking and all that shit. Look at his face when he walked out with his son. He was stone cold. He son is what should bring him joyful glee, not talking to joe rogan after a loss. But he was happy. He got a way out of the fight and still saved face. HE WAS GOING TO BE STOPPED. HE KNEW IT. TONY KNEW IT. COWBOY IS NO PUSSY, BUT HE IS A FRAUD BITCH.


142k people who get the hype3k butthurt parents who still have ptsd from their kids asking to hear "Let It Go" on loop for weeks


I want a job like that :(

Addy Dugas

This is me! Btw im an introvert

Micah Kroeker

Go sounds screw atm

Katie Mosley

Omg he turned eleven 5 days before me we are officially the same age marbles

Jamie sonemann

The panda it tydes brother


The fountain gave me the most fuckig ridiculous tingle like my entire body twitched


Wrong cover for COD3 btw


It's Texas!God I miss home.



femme music

Nani the fuck


I'm definitely the present peeker

Juana Stirling

The end was soo cute😍 I love when Grayson laughs honestly it opens up my heart

Ranbir Bhatia

A 17 year old mother who was only 17 at the time

Rookie Riter

You forgot the annoying critic guy

Wa Ge

you made a trick shot if there was a hoop hey lets go shot some hoops hurry get gun

chelsea park

Team Coby all the way

Ammar Adnan

I've played Dear Esther about almost 2 years ago on my brother's PC. I still didn't understand the game

I just cover them with fat to protect them

Elijah Morrow


Jordan Jordanov

I'm guessing... The True Partners (Crysis 2 Machinima)


i've found a kanye west picture in the re 5 easter egg

Humphrey Wolf

0:35 he looks like Tadashi from Big Hero 6

Lukas Fares

One shot was on ridiculousness

Aubree DeBlanc

Jose is my favorite human

Terry Heick

Nobody move!

Wet Shot

This is easy to say my favorite dude perfect video


Dude did u change ur profile pic

Respect your bod

Mia Palmtree

8:53 the cutest thing. ever.

Alec Dimitrievski

The panda is manziel

sonicX Stelar

At the end I was waiting for the "Game Over" screen and the general screaming "SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!" XD

CHAREL's story

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