Le Club des Crocodiles - Film complet jeunesse

The Krokodile gang will investigate a strange series of burglaries. They will be supported by Kai, a young teenager who has just moved in and who, as a result of an accident, is forced to move in a wheelchair. There is every reason to believe that burglaries are the work of foreigners who have recently arrived in the city. Our young friends are going to focus on a different track ...Country: GermanyFrench classification: All publicsType: Family comedy Version: VFThe Crocodile Club 2 on this link:

Fellen Kelemete

Halle was smart. She came to the show with an empty stomach. She was ready to devour those wings. #QUEEN #HALLEWINS

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Makenna Mitchell

Just think about it for a bit. What is the actual point of cigarettes?

Gavin Wilson

USA all the way

Adi Does Stuff are so nice.

Me: 🐷

Elizabeth Tillman

If iny one in my family smoked I’d go and thro away theam in a fire


No one, no one said gamers cant be succesfull so this video is pointless

Carlos Loera


Protato 589


Cooper Fishing

Garret says basketball is dumb and he has 3 TVs and and enough snacks to last a month

SOUND F**KING FAMILIAR?!?! Either way, this story is SO F**KING FAKE.


i like dp (*^ω^*)

DRIaplayer caiden

Try putting gasoline in a flip liter

Tatum Berry


Calmics 47

I don’t know what to think 🤔

Gio Covarrubias

The song is am so sexy you already know


wow takes skill and alot of luck to do that! bet they had to take alot of takes to film this 19 sec vid.

Georgie Armstrong

Number 9 is a reference to The Green Mile

SERbian15games -


Brad Dorris

Am I the only one that is the human controller

xXBlake BelladonnaXx

Sooooo there are five of them? Garroth,Tye,Cody,Coby,and Corey?


Travis Scott goes sneaker shopping with complex 💪🏾


giant cockroach? I'm outta here

Cassie Stoddard

So out of body experience?

J Mont

I wish this was Canon so badly!


Your super 👌

Skinny legend 👌🏻


Everyone should torture the P.E. Teacher Every Single Day!!😈😈😈😈😈😈

Timon Bruynoghe

i know

Z a m a k

At the top right in between 11:19 and 11:20 what does it say?

Black Lips and Corsets

Great Easter Eggs !! =)

Venom Snake

for everyone who is saying: its you're and not your. why does it matter so much to you guys its just a mispelled word. get over it.

Forgot to mention all 3 dead space games were on the table


4. Battlefild 1942 intro


can you tell me